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Added: 25th May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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PA to Netanyahu: "You are incidental in history. We are the owners of history" PA claims it has been in Israel for 7000 years - longer than the Jewish Nation.

Tags: palestinian abbas rejection state israel peace plans owners history

Added: 11th January 2011
Posted By: Arutz7
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Palestinian Media Watch Boycott Israeli goods ad on Palestinian TV sponsored by Spanish government

Tags: pmw

Added: 10th January 2011
Posted By: avirach
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IMAGINE A MUSIC VIDEO teaching kids that bombs are more precious than children. After a five-year-old finds out that her mother wore a bomb belt to a suicide terror attack, she sings: "Now I know what was more precious than us." 
This is just one example of the wide range of...

Tags: Hamas PA TV Peace Palestine Palestinian television Palestinian Authority Arab Israel Conflict War hate Terror Terrorism Terrorist suicide bomber Shahid Shahada Muslim Islam media watch Islamic Allah martyr children Fatah Al Aqsa Judaism Intifada indoctrination education propaganda demonization genocide killing murder death dead extremist extremism Jew religious Zionist Zionism fight anti American Middle East news Jerusalem
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