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Added: 18th May 2009
Posted By: israsports
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Biking Around Tel-Aviv - A movie on wheels - Biking in Israel is like watching an urban movie, filled of extraordinary landscapes which might touch your sensitivity and invite you to keep cycling; the actors are as real as life itself, and every meter traveled is a scene of peace. Idan...

Tags: biking bicycle cycling israel city urban tel aviv movie wheels bike personal journey

Added: 14th October 2009
Posted By: jtf
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In 1923, the British breached the terms of the Mandate and divided the land into two administrative districts. Jews would be permitted only west of the Jordan river. In effect, the British, in collusion with the Arabs had stolen off 75% of the originally proposed Jewish homeland to form an Arab...

Tags: Gaza Crime Hamas Isreali army human shields Terrorism Islam Jews Israel Virgins in heaven Palestinian Arab jews zionist sionistes jewish pierre rehov terrorist hamas israel gaza palestine palestinian new news hezbollah suicide bombers killers obsession jtf JTF

Added: 9th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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The Mythography of Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, is quoted in mythological scriptures as having been, "...built on a deserted piece of land in the sand dunes north of Jaffa." Originally founded by 60 families as a small neighborhood known as "Achuzat habayit" in...

Tags: mythography tel aviv video tour history scriptures sand dunes north jaffa 1909 100 years achuzat habayit moaz azaryahu author historian expert tour israel

Added: 1st January 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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IAF Aerial Strike on Grad Missile Mid-Launch - Israel Air Forces launches a pinpoint strike against Grad missile launchers. These missiles were destined for Israeli civilians, of which 700,000 are in Hamas' extended 40km range.

Tags: iaf israel air force direct strike attack grad missiles launching pinpoint precision targets israeli civilians hamas gaza strip terrorists

Added: 6th December 2009
Posted By: xuanka
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La vita e Bella, Shoah film music Zahal at Dortmund Shul Nov 14th 2009 Germany

Tags: zahal zhl tzahal tsahal idf bella vita

Added: 15th September 2010
Posted By: avirach
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Troubles within non-profit communication, while a trending topic, is not so new. Martin Kace recognizes the need to aid non-profit entities, help them speak, and direct them to a path that will better tell their story. Watch and listen how Martin tells his stories, shares his opinions, and...

Tags: Israel Branding Leadel Empax

Added: 16th March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Raw Footage East Jerusalem Arab Riots calling for a brutal and third intifada against Israel (source: Reuters)

Tags: raw footage east jerusalem arab mob riots stone throwing israeli border police march 2010 third intifada

Added: 21st October 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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This is really cool stuff - Jewish singing star Avraham Fried is portrayed in this purple neat flash animation.

Tags: jewish music singer star famous avraham fried chazak flash animation niggun purple

Added: 27th July 2008
Posted By: israhitech
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Al Gore has been one of the leading global media & political activists of our time - here is an extended speech ex-U.S. vice-president Gore gave the keynote address in May 2008 at TAU (Tel Aviv University) at the "Renewable Energy Conference".

Tags: al gore vice president america united states environment planet protection conservation renewable energy conference tel aviv university lecture speech global media activist

Added: 2nd November 2009
Posted By: Sharon
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Voices TV caught Dr. Ari Greenspan discussing one of his environmental hobbies - composting. It's good for environment AND the economy. www.voices-magazine.com

Tags: composting environment conservation Efrat Dr. Ari Greenspan Efrat Sharon Katz

Added: 1st June 2009
Posted By: akivam
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The Tefillin Booth - A short, animated film about the mitzvah of putting on tefillin. Part a Basic Judaism series of Chabad.org, the source for Torah, Judaism, and Jewish information on the web.

Tags: tefillin animated film booth jewish mitzvah chabad judaism outreach

Added: 30th January 2011
Posted By: Arutz7
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Gush Katif Day was marked in Israeli schools last week. An expellee tells INN TV that he is afraid that youngsters have forgotten about the

Tags: gush

Added: 3rd July 2008
Posted By: MusicJew
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Reb Moshe of Safed and Banjo Billy in this beautiful and haunting "Kiddush Hashem" musical by candlelight.

Tags: kiddush hashem musical banjo billy reb moshe tsfat safed israel candlelight musical beautiful

Added: 9th November 2009
Posted By: ShmuelHoffman
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A really touching video by Shmuel Hoffman entitled "NYC People" - for anyone who has lived or visited the Big Apple - this will illicit very personal aspects of the great city - the hidden asset - the people. For more info or other videos: http://shmuelhoffman.com/

Tags: new york city nyc people manhattan short film feature humanity shmuel hoffman

Added: 12th December 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
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The Story of the Master Craftsman by Rabbi Hanoch Telller - about respecting fellow human beings. (source: Naaleh)

Tags: rabbi hanoch teller master storyteller craftsman respecting fellow human beings mussar shiur torah yeshiva wisdom teacher education life guidance jewish traditions naaleh

Added: 4th December 2008
Posted By: 12tribefilms
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A documentary film following the footsteps of some of the fighters in the battle of the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1948 Independence War. This is a riveting film about this historical battle using actual footage from the time and raising important questions regarding the centrality of Jerusalem...

Tags: jerusalem israel documentary film footsteps fighters battle old city jerusalem kotel western wall 1948 independence war history footage archive rare 12tribe rova yehudi

Added: 31st August 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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The Truth about the IDF - If posed with the question, "Chose between risking killing children and take out a Terrorist, or do not take that risk and risk your children being hit by missiles?" How would you choose? http://shoebat.com/

Tags: truth idf israel defense forces soldiers true choices hard civilians terrorists morality missiles

Added: 9th December 2010
Posted By: israelmatzav
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The new Jewish cemetery in Riga was desecrated with swastikas on Monday night. Vandals overnight have desecrated over 100 gravestones in New Jewish Cemetery on Lizuma Street in Riga. White swastikas were painted on them, writes LETA. A cemetery security guard noticed the tainted gravestones...

Tags: Riga cemetery, swastikas, anti-Semitism

Added: 6th April 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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What Does a Soldier Receive in the IDF Kit? As part of the draft process of every IDF soldier, one must receive their IDF kit bag. This video will showcase all the equipment that male and female soldiers are provided with upon becoming a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. From combat boots to...

Tags: soldier idf kit army israeli defense forces equipment pack

Added: 28th March 2009
Posted By: kotelyid
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Parking Lot Dig by City of David Jerusalem Part 1 of 2 - Archaeological excavation under the direction of Doron Ben-Ami near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Tags: city david jerusalem parking lot dig ruins find archaeological excavation temple mount doron ben ami director

Added: 4th April 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Japan's Sorrow (2011 Earthquake and Tsunami) Photos showing the destruction caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Northern Japan on March 11, 2011. This video is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It is also dedicated...

Tags: japan earthquake tsunami 2011 before and after images video disaster water floods 2011 sorrow photoshow

Added: 16th December 2010
Posted By: Arutz7
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Tags: africa

Added: 14th July 2008
Posted By: isralife
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This Koby Mandell Foundation movie encapsulates the pain of loss caused by terror attacks on Israelis. The Foundation continues to provide unique healing and support programs to Israeli children and families affected by terror.

Tags: koby mandell foundation terrorism victims assistance aid counseling murdered teenage boy tekoa israel unique healing support programs families recovery hope

Added: 22nd September 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Infolive.tv visited the Sukkot four species market where throngs gathered to purchase the species to adorn their sukkot .The sukkot holiday has a dual significance, historical and agricultural. It commemorates the forty year period the children of Israel wandered in the desert living in temporary...

Tags: joys sukkot shuk jerusalem four species arba minium shuk etrog lulav aravot hadassa booths desert

Added: 23rd September 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
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Syrian drama series - British PM blames Jews for all world disasters Presented by PMW

Tags: PMW Syria

Added: 6th June 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Michele Bachmann: Update on Israel (Full)

Tags: michele bachman presidential hopeful 2012 statement message middle east policy israel

Added: 13th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Reb Shlomo Carlebach elevated with music and unity so many "rituals" in Jewish observant life - like the Havdalah ("Separation") service between the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the new week. Here is the Salomon family doing a major Reb Shlomo musical and singing Havdalah with joy and...

Tags: rebbe shlomo carlebach havdalah separation shabbat shabbas light candle fire elevation mundane holy tikkun olam moshav israel

Added: 25th May 2011
Posted By: orangetruth
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Israel Tell The Story Short Video source: AIPAC

Tags: israel tell the story aipac promo support video modern miracle state return promised land

Added: 6th January 2011
Posted By: Arutz7
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Tags: fire

Added: 31st March 2009
Posted By: JewishAgency
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Hatikvah has always had the power to bring Jews around the world together. It is even more evident by this video of young olim singing hatikvah in a Jewish Agency for Israel absorption center in Ashdod.

Tags: jewish agency israel immigrants olim aliyah hatikvah youth children jafi ashdod absorption center
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