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Added: 28th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Overnight, this incredible young man has gone from being a private hero to his fiancee - to being a world famous and upcoming singer - this is one of the most powerful human stories you will see and hear. Meet Chris Medina age 26 year old native of Chicago. Two years ago he proposed to his...

Tags: chris medina american idol famous hero fiancee brain damage accident dream hollhywood inspiration

Added: 22nd April 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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"You are the Land, You are the Home" By The Education Corps Band, 20 April 2010 The Education Corps of the IDF is proud to release a music video for "You are the Home," celebrating Israel’s 62 years of independence. Smadar Shir wrote the song and Libi (Li Biran), who works...

Tags: you are land home education corps band idf israeli jewish 62nd independence day smadar shir

Added: 3rd September 2008
Posted By: jewspoofs
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The $10,000 "Bark" Mitzvah - He spent $10,000 on a "Bark"-Mitzvah party for his dog - no kidding - check out this feature news story. Ten thousand dollars! Is this cool or insulting? Comment in the box below...

Tags: bar mitzvah spoof funny cool insulting outrageous animal dog bark television life feature story

Added: 2nd July 2009
Posted By: kotelyid
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Western Wall Prayers - What We Do? We are a fundraising project for families and Torah-learning in Jerusalem. In gratitude for your donation, we pray 40 days for you at the Kotel (Western Wall). There is a famous Segula (Torah mystical recipe) that a person who goes to the Western Wall for 40...

Tags: western wall kotel old city jerusalem tradition forty 40 days prayers tefillah segulah shidduch parnasseh repentenance teshuvah blessings

Added: 9th March 2011
Posted By: Alonanava
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See the whole story at http://www.alonanava.com Alon Anava shares his near-death experience in depth. A must see video if you are interested in life after death. After his clinical death, Alon experienced a reality that is both frightening and hopeful. Alon was truly given a second chance. See...

Tags: Life after death NDE Near-death experience clinical death life teshuva miracle story

Added: 2nd August 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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The Crystal Method Feat with Matisyahu "Drown in the Now" - incredible music video animation and Matisyahu track. This is HD baby - no slow connections allowed!

Tags: crysal method feat matisyahu drown in the now music video animation jewish rapper reggae rap

Added: 14th March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves Japan tsunami engulfs everything in its path Dramatic video footage shows the moment the massive tsunami tore through northeastern Japan, swallowing everything in its path and dragging, ships, cars and houses out to sea.

Tags: japan earthquake tsunami video 8.9 richter disaster water floods 2011 helicopter aerial view giant waves footage

Added: 1st November 2009
Posted By: Sharon
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Voices TV was pleased to attend a children's prayer service (in Hebrew) on 11 Cheshvan 5770 (the day of Rachel Emainu's yahrzeit). www.voices-magazine.com

Tags: 11 Cheshvan Rachel Emainu Zayit Kol BeRama prayer children Sharon Katz

Added: 27th July 2008
Posted By: templemount
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THE TEMPLE MOUNT SIFTING PROJECT - Construction work on the Temple Mount revealed an abundance of archaeological data--but it was all treated as rubbish by the arab Wakf authority for several years. Finally permission was granted to sort through this rubbish pile for archaeological treasures.

Tags: temple mount recovery desecration dig sift abundance archaeology finds artifacts volunteers bones animal coins evidence first second temple har habayit

Added: 7th July 2008
Posted By: jewspoofs
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"All I want for Xmas is to be Jewish" is a spoof music video that is really funny and well-done - high-quality video. Producer: Jay Sweeney

Tags: spoof music video want xmas gift jewish rabbi parody satire hilarious funny

Added: 25th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The amazing niggun "For All of My Brothers and Friends" by the great and holy Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on February 12, 1989 - ז' אדר א' תשמ"ט Live at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with Moshe Skier and the Kabbalah Band.

Tags: rebbe rabbi tzaddik shlomo carlebach live concert 1989 albert einstein college medicine moshe skier kaballah band live stage performance brothers friends

Added: 20th June 2010
Posted By: farkas.yael
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On the anniversary of his fathers death, Rabbi Iffergan (The X-Ray Rabbi) holds a huge gathering in Netivot to throw thousands of candles into a fire in honor of his father, who was a big kabbalist in Israel. This is called the 'tikun'.

Tags: rabbi ifergan tikun kabbalah x-ray rabbi netivot

Added: 11th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The Jews Report: Decision 2008? by Jewlarious.com Staff - We are finally endorsing our candidate for President.

Tags: jews report news desk satire parody spoof yisrael campbell comedian decision 2008 united stated presidential election jewlarious endorsement candidate support

Added: 9th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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ORTHODOX STANCE: The son of Ukrainian emigres to Brooklyn, Dmitriy Salita, 24, is an oxymoron: a champion boxer and an uncompromising Orthodox Jew. Dmitriy, in the words of his trainer Jimmy O'Pharrow, "Looks Russian, prays Jewish, and fights Black." Director Jason Hutt treats viewers to ringside...

Tags: orthodox stance boxing jewish boxers fighters religion search meaning ukrainian immigrants champion professional russian movie film trailer documentary life story struggle triumph

Added: 4th November 2009
Posted By: tourtheholy
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Beit Shean Israel Roman Theater Ruins - in the middle of Israel (north to south) and on the eastern border with Jordan is Beit Shean - home of some of extremely well-preserved Roman ruins including this famous amphitheatre. (Beit Shean is also famous for being home of one of the kosher McDonalds...

Tags: beit shean israel roman theatre theater ruins amphitheatre tourism visit

Added: 11th January 2011
Posted By: Arutz7
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Good Year Expected for Gush Katif Evacuees? Will this be the last year in leaky caravans?

Tags: gush katif heroes update disengagement permanent homes

Added: 26th November 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
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This is a parody spoof of the "Mac vs. PC" commercials - here is the Chanukah vs X-mas version...cool!

Tags: chanukah holiday satire parody spoof funny laugh hilarious commercial television holiday

Added: 4th June 2009
Posted By: Yarden
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The Idan Raichel Project - Rov Ha'Shaot The official video clip of the song "Rov Ha'Shaot" from the album "Within My Walls". Singing: Ilan Damti. Director: Gal Kazir

Tags: idan raichel project rov hashaot within my walls ilan damti gal kazir music video israeli world beat

Added: 17th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Saved by Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey of Polish Jews - Director: Slawomir Grunberg Country: USA/Russia/Poland/Uzbekistan released 2006 - Duration: 89 min. - Language: English / Russian / Yiddish w/ subtitles - This gripping documentary tells the remarkable and little-known story of the Polish...

Tags: saved deportation trailer unknown odyssey polish jews poland jewish history russian yiddish subtitles documentary 1940 stalin labor camps soviet holocaust

Added: 18th September 2009
Posted By: zackborer
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Happy New Year! Ode to the rosh I got honey on my face No I don't want to go to Uncle Joe and Aunt Bonnie's place Ode to the rosh Too much food I'm gonna eat I wonder if the kuggle will be starchy or sweet Run into the high school friends I don't want to see Yes...

Tags: zack borer rosh hashana jewish jews yiddish apples honey kuggle jewish new year

Added: 23rd May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Israel Festival Celebrating Jubilee In our jubilee year, the Israel Festival is proud to host some 50 outstanding performances in music, dance and theatre.

Tags: israel festival 2011 jubilee year music dance theatre live performances

Added: 15th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Top Obama Official Calls Jerusalem "Al-Quds" - Top Obama advisor John Brennan is now calling Jerusalem "al-Quds." Al-Quds is the arab name for Jerusalem and represents the stated arab desire to overthrow Jewish control of Jerusalem.

Tags: top obama official calls jerusalem al-quds arabic name appeasement islamic world outrage overthrow israel jewish control eternal capital

Added: 31st October 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
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Is Barack Obama A Supporter Of The Terrorist Palestinian Cause? - Fox News reported on Tuesday that The Los Angeles Times newspaper, who on October 19th endorsed Presidential Candidate Barack Obama in the upcoming US elections, has refused to release a videotape allegedly showing Barack Obama...

Tags: barack obama rashid khalidi palestinian relationship supporter endorsement antisemite terror spokesman

Added: 22nd March 2009
Posted By: jewflix
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Life of Abraham - Part 3 of 19 (c. 1813 BCE - c. 1638 BCE) - According to Jewish tradition, Abraham was born under the name Abram in the city of Ur in Babylonia in the year 1948 from Creation (circa 1800 BCE). He was the son of Terach, an idol merchant, but from his early childhood, he...

Tags: life avram abraham avraham complete full length movie film cinema bible biblical story saga drama first jewish history son terach faith creator relationship wife sarai sarah isaac yitzchak yishmael brit milah circumcision akeida binding altar lot torah patriarch hagar aveinu our father lecha tradition prophet prophecy kindness chesed yisrael tent angels miracles

Added: 27th October 2009
Posted By: isranews
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Israel Attack on Iran Writing On The Walls - a balanced (almost) reporter provides very solid presentation that attack on Iran is as clear as "the writing on the wall".

Tags: israel attack iran nuclear facilities united states weapons idf air strike analysis commentary

Added: 20th May 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Thelma Yellin school choir: Jerusalem of gold

Tags: jerusalem yerushalayim zahav gold school choir thelma yellin

Added: 16th March 2011
Posted By: RebShai
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Henei ma tov u'ma na-im shevet achim gam yachad How good it is for brothers and sister to sit togehter Let's all hold hands and help make this world a better place by spreading LOVE & LIGHT everywhere we go! Lyrics: Psalm 133/Rabbi Shai Specht Music: Rabbi Shai Specht

Tags: world peace paz paix trevor henei ma tov psalm 133 pace dougherty unity love stop motion end violence maddogza moshiach now prayer Hine Ma Tov הנה מה טוב hope happiness slideshow rest

Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Wine Talk: A good year? Major importers and wine stores in Israel set to start parties launching the first new Beaujolais wines from the 2010 harvest. source: Jpost.com

Tags: wine talk 2010 harvest jpost importers stores launch beaujolais wines business

Added: 21st February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Solomon Movie - 1997 - Part 4 of 6. King David, now an old man, is still the leader of Israel. Among his sons, the ambitious Adonijah and the clever Solomon. The two young men are fierce rivals, since both are prospective heirs to the throne and only one can be successful. During a hunting...

Tags: king solomon salomon movie complete film 1997 king david son story building temple wars wives prophets nathan priests joab adonijah avishag jerusalem history cinema wisdom queen sheba shlomo hamelech

Added: 10th August 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Noa (Achinoam Nini) "Now Forget" Live in Israel (April 28, 2005)

Tags: noa achinoam nini live israel concert 2005 now forget israeli musician legend
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