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Added: 10th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The massacre at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva has left eight Jewish boys dead - who were they? Watch this memorial flash presentation and meet these eight young men that suddenly lost their lives - and see images from the horrid aftermath after the massacre. This was produced by Shlomo Wollins,...

Tags: massacre yeshiva jerusalem flash images victims eight dead biographies photographs blood memorial terror mercaz harav

Added: 26th August 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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Here is a follow-up video that shows how many cool, new, and influential musicians are from the Jewish people.

Tags: music musician famous jewish success influence song celebrity people band

Added: 4th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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SportVu is an Israeli start up company that has developed a system that creates a multiple angle animated replay of the football pitch and gathers data from three fixed cameras, providing fans with statistics of their favorite players, including good or bad tackles and the distances players run....

Tags: sports football soccer sportvu system multiple angles animated reply field pitch data three cameras fans statistics players play israel innovation new technology business venture

Added: 29th March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Jew-Z's Slammin' Seder - Welcome back to the Bayit (House) when Legendary Rapper Jew-Z keeps your seder real with his 5-point Slammin' Seder.

Tags: jew-z five point slammin seder pesach passover bayit rapper jewish holiday

Added: 11th August 2007
Posted By: FunnyJew
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Amazing video of Jewish pride in Japan as a march of Jews singing traditional Jewish songs such as "Am Yisrael Chai" and "Hava Nagila". Who knew?

Tags: jewish japan diaspora march festival song singing jewish pride

Added: 6th April 2009
Posted By: tourtheholy
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1,500 Year-Old Synagogue Mosaic Floor Restored - A magnificent mosaic floor, said to be more than 1,500 years old and part of an ancient Israeli synagogue, has been restored and and made available for public viewing. The Byzantine-era mosaic floor and adjoining ritual bath, first discovered in...

Tags: ancient synagogue israel mosaic floor restored public viewing byzantine era discovery 1957 western negev antiquities authority jewish national fund visit tourism travel holy site

Added: 2nd October 2009
Posted By: howjewsdance
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Do the Sukkah Shake in Jerusalem! Get up - dance and shake!

Tags: dance sukkah jewish holiday jerusalem shake wave lulav etrog four species celebration fun

Added: 28th March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Pey Dalid "Spiritual War" at JMC 11/21/09

Tags: pey dalid jmc spiritual warrior jewish music concert live stage performance

Added: 4th December 2010
Posted By: Arutz7
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Filmed by IDF

Tags: fire

Added: 17th November 2009
Posted By: israhero
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Yuri Foreman First World Champion Boxer and Rabbi - Yuri Foreman Has Israel Falling In Love With Boxing!

Tags: yuri foreman first world boxing championship title rabbi jewish hero athlete sports

Added: 11th December 2008
Posted By: isralife
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A Tribute to the Modern State of Israel - Recently we reached a significant milestone in our modern history, and that was the sixtieth birthday of the State of Israel. Even though the Jewish people and the land of Israel as a Jewish country goes way farther back than sixty years, it is still...

Tags: modern israeli state 60th sixtieth anniversary milestone jewish people eretz yisrael holocaust soldiers heroes defense forces gibburim

Added: 20th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Amateur footage of raw Adi Ran live concert with crazy dance-cam at end of video. Rare footage.

Tags: adi ran music video live concert israel chassid guitar band performance stage niggun rock roll

Added: 22nd July 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
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Obama finding facts he wants on overseas 'tour'? Rudy Giuliani says Sen. Barack Obama is only seeing what he wants to see in the Middle East. This CNN interview is very useful to understand several things: (1) Obama has virtually no foreign relations' experience; (2) the mass media (CNN and NYT...

Tags: mayor presidential candidate rudy guliani interview commentary cnn barack obama inexperience propaganda middle east europe germany trip surge iraq wrong vote new york times bias mass media

Added: 4th January 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Shalom Life interview with New Jersey Nets player Jordan Farmar, one of two Jewish players in the NBA.

Tags: jordan farmar shalom life interview new jersey nets player nba basketball star athlete jewish interview

Added: 1st July 2009
Posted By: shilohmuse
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Short scenes of Israeli wedding according to Jewish traditions.

Tags: wedding israel bdekken

Added: 9th March 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
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These 'Jews for jesus' or christian missionaries are everywhere. Notice how to intice the mostly secular Israeli soldiers, they speak perfect Hebrew and wave the Israeli flags.

Tags: missionaries jews soldiers secular christians jesus ivrit hebrew flags danger

Added: 9th July 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
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Despite the threat of expulsions under American pressure a music festival was held in the Samarian community of Chavat Gilad in preparation for the three weeks. As seen on Arutz Sheva. IsraelNationalNews.com

Tags: eliot coe homes Arutz Sheva Israel national News Chavat Gilad illegal outposts MK Michael Ben-Ari Uzi Arad housing units Judea Samaria Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz

Added: 22nd February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Embedded with Israeli Soldiers in Lebanon during the Summer Terror War of 2006 - IDF Soldiers in Lebanon fighting Islamic Muslim Hizbullah terrorists, the battle to protect the Jewish state the one and only homeland of the Jewish people facing constant genocide.

Tags: israeli war embedded footage lebanon hizbullah terror war summer 2006 idf defense forces holy land battle night fighting

Added: 25th December 2009
Posted By: shoahstories
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The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler Full Movie - Part 3 of 3. Irena Sendler (née Krzyzanowska) is a Catholic social worker who has sympathized with the Jews since her childhood, when her physician father died of typhus contracted while treating poor Jewish patients. When she initially proposes...

Tags: courageous heart of irena sendler full complete movie watch true catholic social worker heroine holocaust shoah smuggled saved 2500 jewish children tortured legs broken 2007 nobel peace prize nominee saved thousands jewish children kids lives

Added: 30th May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Jewish Yemenite music Gila Bashari - "Mi Nashakeni" by Gila Bashari -תימני מסורתי גילה בשארי

Tags: gila bashari yemite music nashakeni vocals stage performance traditional song

Added: 31st March 2011
Posted By: EzerMizion
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Share in the joy of cancer patients and their families as they escape for a brief time the fear and pain of their battle with cancer into an oasis of happiness and fun at Ezer Mizion's summer camp fo rcancer patients and thier families

Tags: cancer camp summer Israel fun

Added: 27th July 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
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The Knesset held a series of discussions on the the importance of the Temple Mount to Judaism and the struggle to take control of the holiest site in Judaism. As seen on Arutz Sheva. IsraelNationalNews.com

Tags: inntv israel national news palestine zionism islam muslim koran jews judiasm beit hamikdash occupation liberation 1967 six day war

Added: 26th March 2009
Posted By: shlomo
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What is up with this wicked guy, The Rasha, who shows up at our Seder? If he's wicked, what's he doing there in the first place? And why should we deal with this dude at all? Brought to you by Jewish Crossroads.

Tags: passover pesach seder holiday wicked satire short film rashba jewish crossroads outreach education chinuch

Added: 29th March 2009
Posted By: shlomo
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Jewish Treats asked our friends, How Do You Say Shabbat Shalom?

Tags: shabbat shalom good shabbos greetings jewish day rest

Added: 25th July 2007
Posted By: FunnyJew
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Here is the original Adam Sandler Chanukah Song - with all the sequels - it never got better than the original - and here is the original debut on SNL.

Tags: comedy music song chanukah holiday funny joy parody adam sandler guitar

Added: 23rd April 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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"From Date To Mate" Teaser - Preview of the new hit romantic-comedy/fictional-reality TV show "FROM DATE TO MATE" Watch it now in Shalom TV On Demand! Go to www.shalomtv.com to check local listings.

Tags: from date to mate shalom tv preview teaser romantic comedy fictional reality show singles relationships shidduchim marriage funny

Added: 8th April 2009
Posted By: akivam
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Birkat HaChama, the once every 28 years blessing on the creation of the sun, as of April 8, 2009 in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem, Israel, in the crowd with HaRav HaTzadik Shalom Arush, shlita and the Breslev chassidim of yeshiva Chut Shel Chesed.

Tags: birkat hachama sun blessing jerusalem israel meah shearim rav tzadik arush shalom jerusalem israel

Added: 28th December 2008
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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A short while ago, the IAF attacked over 40 tunnels in the Rafah area which are a part of the tunnel network used by the Hamas terror organization for smuggling weaponry as part of their terror activity in the Gaza Strip. The tunnels were also used for the transfer of terror operatives from...

Tags: explosions philadelphia border smuggling weapons tunnels rafahcockpit view idf gaza air aerial strikes attacks retaliation kassam rockets terrorists hamas warplanes kassam rockets

Added: 12th April 2010
Posted By: Sharon
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Voices TV was on hand when Holocaust Survivor Siggy Weiser recounted some memories from Auschwitz, the Death March, and Buchenwald. He thanked G-d the family that he was able to build, and he proclaimed, "I'm still here!!!"...

Tags: Siggy Weiser Auschwitz Buchenwald Death March Holocaust Shoah survivor testimony Sharon Katz

Added: 16th July 2009
Posted By: tourtheholy
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HAIFA: The Princess of the Sea - extended Video PhotoShow.

Tags: haifa israel coast city port third largest photographs images pictures tourism travel
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