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Added: 13th May 2010
Posted By: Sharon
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Voices TV was at the Moskowitz Prize when a group of Nachal Chareidi soldiers (who came to cheer on their founder HaRav Yoel Schwartz) began jamming with darbukas. Their spirit continued the entire evening, and their participation was a highlight of the event in the City of David.

Tags: Nachal Chareidi Moskowitz Prize HaRav Yoel Schwartz music Sharon Katz

Added: 12th August 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
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1994 BBC interview with Steven Spielberg shortly after he made Shindlers List. It includes a personal discussion of this film. This is Part Three of Five.

Tags: holocaust steven spielberg schindler list film cinema interview talk chat television director jewish

Added: 15th May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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3 Minute History of Jewish Nation

Tags: three minute history jewish nation people israel

Added: 24th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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And now, a word from the writer . . . "A number of people have expressed their discontent with the way Jews are portrayed in some of the scenes in this video. To these people I say, the music video for 'Chinese Food On Christmas' is a satire. It employs outrageous scenarios, such as a car full of...

Tags: chinese food xmas gentile holiday chanukah lights music december amateur satire parody spoof comedy tradition meal stereotype laugh santa claus

Added: 27th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Originally from New York City, Andy Kindler now makes his home in Los Angeles where he has earned the reputation as the quintessential comic’s comic. His observations of the comedy scene, network, studios, casting directors, producers and even his comic peers have spawned the image of a...

Tags: jewish comedian andy kindler actor show host writer comic funny laugh hilarious standup stage live performance satire

Added: 7th September 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Rabbi Chaim Brovender of WebYeshiva.org discusses the customs (minhagim) of the Rosh Hashana meal and the meaning behind them.

Tags: halacha yomit rosh hashana customs minhagim meal meaning rabbi chaim brovender

Added: 5th May 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
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From the city where police once happily aided the SS in ridding Paris of its Jews and is now host to an 'Annual Intifada Festival' comes another economically destructive form of organized anti-Semitism: Destroying products of Israeli origin. And, in their historically lax defense of Jews and...

Tags: europe paris france boycott israeli organized destruction products annual intifada festival protest food

Added: 17th June 2008
Posted By: moviejewie
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"Paying for Justice" Trailer - Shot in Germany, The Netherlands, USA and Israel, this documentary deals with the situation of the Holocaust survivors in Israel and around the world. The Filmmakers follow the billions of dollars transferred from the German governments and other European...

Tags: paying justice trailer documentary germany interviews holocaust shoah survivors victims compensation claims fraud nazi crimes

Added: 4th November 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
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Amazing images of mostly young and holy Jews taking a rare opportunity to pray at the burnt and ravage tomb of Joseph (Kever Yosef) north of Jerusalem. Arab mobs looted, burnt, and desecrated the tomb of Joseph several years back. From time to time, with or without government "reshut"...

Tags: kever yosef image photograph grave site joseph desecrated burnt looted return tefillah davening breslov

Added: 24th June 2010
Posted By: jcenter
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Mayor Nir Barkat discussed the municipality's response to illegal building in Jeruaslem at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, May 20, 2010.

Tags: jerusalem palestinians jews silwan barkat

Added: 18th March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Israeli supermodel and actress Sarai Givati talkss about on air terrorism - In a strange coincidence, Actress-Model-Artist Givati's new art exhibition, opened the same day as the recent US Air bombing attempt. (source: Jpost)

Tags: israeli supermodel actress sarai givati art exhibition air terrorism bombing life israel privacy

Added: 22nd January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Tovia Singer delivers a powerful message to Syria regarding the Golan Heights. The Tovia Singer Show airs 3 nights a week on Israel National Radio (www.israelnationalradio.com) See more at: www.toviasingershow.com

Tags: tovia singer talk show famous jewish personality rabbi israel national radio powerful message excerpt syria golan heights jewish

Added: 27th December 2010
Posted By: Arutz7
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Added: 26th September 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
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Well...the truth always hurt...lol

Tags: yom kippur holiday high satire spoof funny cartoon comedy

Added: 29th May 2007
Posted By: israelreporter
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Shlomo Wollins photo of massive Kassam missile strike on local Sderot house on May 26th, 2007. This devastating missile strike happened only a few hundred yards from Wollins' house and it hit at exactly the time when Shabbat was ending. This picture was taken then next morning in broad daylight...

Tags: israel terror sderot kassam missile house destruction shrapnel shlomo wollins may 2007 photograph image gaza strip

Added: 17th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Airborne sensors developed in Israel are helping to detect land mines in Angola, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. While the civil war in the east African nation ended in 1994, the loss of life and limbs continue till this day because of the estimated millions of land...

Tags: mines danger landmines geomine technology israeli sensors airborne angola civil war humanitarian chemcial analysis camera

Added: 13th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Rock Balancing Art On Israel Beaches - This is an ancient art brought to the sands of Haifa, Israel in 2010. An excelent hobby and therapy for all ages, promoting the contact with nature and yourself. When balancing the rocks one finds the innermost feeling of equilibrium.

Tags: rock balancing art israel beaches haifa ancient therapy nature experience feeling equilibrium cool

Added: 12th October 2009
Posted By: isranews
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What do the Chinese think of Jews? With the Olympics about to begin and international participants from all over the world arriving, Beijing is about to experience an influx of people from all walks of life, and that includes some Jewish folks in the mix. JTA's China correspondent Alison...

Tags: what do chinese think jews israelis judaism jta china correspondent alison klayman houhai lake 2008 beijing olympics interviews attitudes

Added: 10th March 2009
Posted By: jewflix
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Esther and Purim Story Full Length Movie (Part 8 of 10) - The plot of Purim is a great tale produced here in a full-length, and true-life cinema setting. There is a beautiful, courageous heroine, an all powerful king, a loyal cousin, and a villain who gets foiled by his own evil plans. Once upon...

Tags: purim full length feature complete movie film esther mordechai shushan persia king ahasuerus feasts queen vashti party haman evil plans decrees adar foiled plot hidden divine providence megillah reading gifts food friends needy tzedakah charity seudah

Added: 8th November 2010
Posted By: jcenter
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www.jcpa.org - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas have a strong backing from their constituents and the U.S. and Western powers, making it a ripe time to move forward in the peace process. There is potential to move forward during PM Netanyahu's opening...

Tags: abbas, netanyahu, peace process, Washington

Added: 3rd December 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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יהודה כ"ץ הודו Yehudah Katz - Hodu (Thanks)

Tags: yehudah katz israeli musician hodu thanks praise cool israel music video

Added: 12th March 2009
Posted By: RebShai
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How good are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel! And I, with Your great loving-kindness, shall enter Your House; I shall prostrate myself toward Your Holy Temple in the fear of You. O Lord, I love the dwelling of Your house and the place of the residence of Your glory. Come, let...

Tags: sacred journey kabbalah hashem temple synagogue music hebrew prayer love universe

Added: 4th July 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Interview with Rabbi Strick of Young Israel covering the massive worldwide prayer rally for the safety and return of IDF hostage Gilad Shalit, being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza Strip for over two years now. (source: IBA News)

Tags: worldwide global hostage prayer rally thousands gilad shalit ransom kidnapping solider israel defense forces gaza strip hamas terror gang michael strick council young rabbis

Added: 20th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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With All You Soul: The Story of Roi Klein - Major Roi Klein was killed in the battle at Bint Jbeil in the Second Lebanon War. He died sacrificing himself to save his soldiers, as he leaped onto a hand grenade and cried out the "Shma Yisrael" prayer. DVD documentary of his last days and his legacy...

Tags: all your soul story roi klein hero major killed battle lebanon 2006 bint jbeil war soldier self sacrifice hand grenade shma yisrael prayer documentary film trailer true story inspiration mesirut nefesh hebrew ivrit english captions subtitles

Added: 7th October 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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V'zot HaBracha and The Nature of Torah Parasha V'zot HaBracha is the final parasha in the Torah. This completes the five books of Moses. From this week's reading, Rabbi Mordechai Machlis lovingly describes how he was introduced to Torah. COMING SOON: A new weekly interactive...

Tags: rabbi mordechai machlis jewish parsha vzot habracha blessing last portion torah reading shabbat nature torah asking god religion reaction tzaddik repentance teachings wisdom

Added: 5th March 2008
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Concert Matisyahu a La Scene Bastille - the amazing Matisyahu performing live in Paris! HQ audio!

Tags: matisyahu bastille paris live stage performance rapper reggae jam famous niggun musician new jewish sound

Added: 7th September 2009
Posted By: israelnationalnews
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Will we be able to see signs that point to when the Jewish people should return to the Land of Israel?

Tags: Temple Mount Israel Judaism

Added: 21st July 2009
Posted By: tomy
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Live Tel Aviv 2009

Tags: jewish music

Added: 2nd December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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A totally hip Jewish comedian (Yisroel Campbell) provides a tongue-in-cheek spoof of the Nightly News Report - but this is the Nightly 'J'ews Report. Think Saturday Night Live, or should we say, Shabbat Night Live!

Tags: yisrael yisroel campbell spoof news report skit television satire comedy hilarious funny comedian

Added: 3rd March 2008
Posted By: gosderot
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A unique video covering the human crisis in Sderot from the perspective of the Security Officer of Sderot, Israel - one of the most difficult jobs in the world today. This is a moving video about one of today's most painful issues.

Tags: sderot bitachon security officer kassam missile attacks gaza strip perspective interview documentary hebrew ivrit english captions
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