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Added: 12th August 2007
Posted By: ourtorah
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Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue (U.K.) - parading the Torah Scrolls early 1950's.

Tags: united kingdom torah scroll holiday joy holy synagogue jewish history archive photo

Added: 11th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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From Darkness to Light - Our world is brimming with potential for dramatic turn-arounds. And that’s the essence of Purim. (source: Aish HaTorah)

Tags: darkness light purim miracle return teshuva turnarounds meaning essence tikkun olam story tradition

Added: 10th October 2010
Posted By: avirach
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The arabic media lies to you again: the terrorist play the victim Islamic terror seems innocence when its not in Europe Terror Journalists in Israel - not only watching, but supporting too

Tags: palestine occupation of israel كذب الجزيرة man runs over kids throwing rocks

Added: 21st August 2009
Posted By: templemount
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Temple Mount Encircling - סיבוב שערים ר"ח אב התשס"ט View the traditional encircling of the gates surrounding the Temple Mount, Jerusalem's holiest site, where the Holy Temple once stood, and where the Third Temple will yet stand again. Thousands of young Jews...

Tags: sivuv hashearim encircling temple mount gates monthly march dance prayer tehillim old city jerusalem israel

Added: 16th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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This is a multi-player and cool-fun Dreidel Game to get in Chanukah spirit! You can play alone against the computer or with up to 4 friends. Enjoy and keep spinning!

Tags: flash animation game chanukah dreidel fun children play learn spin spirit

Added: 20th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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On October 6, 1965, Sandy Koufax, the overpowering lefty for the Los Angeles Dodgers, did not pitch in the first game of the World Series against the Minnesota Twins because game day fell on Yom Kippur. Sandy Koufax went to shul that day. He fasted. Sandy Koufax did not hide his Jewishness. He...

Tags: jewish legend famous baseball sports player yom kippur world series pitcher proud decision 1965 dodgers fast shul righteous

Added: 5th September 2009
Posted By: FunnyJew
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The Rabbi's Shofar and the Dog - an truly amazing short video. The dog's imitation of the shofar is really quite cool.

Tags: chabad rabbi shofar dog imitation amazing raw video footage funny

Added: 8th September 2008
Posted By: israelhistorian
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The History of the Mossad (Part 5 of 5) - Israeli foreign intelligence service. The full name translated into English is Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks. Mossad is the most important, and famous of the five intelligence and espionage organizations in Israel. But other organizations,...

Tags: documentary film israeli history mossad espionage spy agency intelligence organization institute special tasks military information defense
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