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Added: 13th May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach Archive Plays Boi vShalom - amazing archive video of the great Rebbe playing the climatic part of the Shabbat evening prayers. Very ancient - very holy - very sweet - very real - very Shlomo.

Tags: rebbe shlomo carlebach boi vshalom black white archive famous personality hero

Added: 4th February 2010
Posted By: BurtWest
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As seen on http://coolkippahs.com/ A legacy of lasting quality will get you noticed, here and above. Special discount code for wejew.com viewers. Visit COOLKIPPAHS.COM

Tags: CoolKippahs Burt West VO Promos Donuts Coffee AFTRA Shomer Shabbat Union Voice-Over Artist Sephardi Uriel MaArav

Added: 31st December 2011
Posted By: tzofiya
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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (Part 5 of 6) is the 1971 film version of the Broadway musical of the same name. It was directed by Norman Jewison. The film won three Academy Awards, including one for arranger-conductor John Williams. It was nominated for several more, including Best Picture, Best Actor for...

Tags: movie complete full length part one fiddler roof 1971 version broadway musical academy awards chaim topol tevye rich man tradition matchmaker songs pogroms revolutions russian poor family mispacha history

Added: 18th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Tsafrir Ronen tells the raw truth about the situation in Israel during this interview conducted by Yishai Fleisher of israelnationalradio.com! Tsafrir Ronen is a kibbutz founder and former member of the Sayeret Matkal elite reconnaissance unit who established the Nahalal Forum of Labor Zionists...

Tags: interview radio audio tsafrir tzafrir ronen israel raw truth situation matzav analysis opinion commentary zionist land leader activist

Added: 13th June 2008
Posted By: MusicJew
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Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach with admirers at the Kings Hotel in Yerushalayim, in 1958 (Pictured from left to right - Yaakov Lerner, Reb Shlomo, Chaim Adler, Yaakov Tzuker and Yosef Miletzky)

Tags: rebbe rabbi tzaddik shlomo carlebach leader singer guitar musician yerushalayim jerusalem kings hotel friends admirers archive rare photograph jewish history

Added: 26th September 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
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Well...the truth always hurt...lol

Tags: yom kippur holiday high satire spoof funny cartoon comedy

Added: 1st July 2008
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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In this shocking double-interview, INR's host Tovia Singer interviews Aaron Klein and John Bolton on the dangerous turn of events in Israel and regarding Iran's near-nuclear situation. Show summary: John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, explains that if Israel were to attack Iran the most...

Tags: israel national radio tovia singer john bolton aaron klein talk show host united states ambassador world net daily reporter jerusalem chief bureau nuclear iran temple mount middle east update politics expert review opinion summary analysis shocking danger threat

Added: 17th September 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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The Jewish Torah commands seven basic commandments (7 Noahide Laws) that are incumbent upon all gentiles (non-Jews) who are promised a "Share in the World-To-Come" for those who follow them carefully. This poster displays the the 7 Noahide Laws.

Tags: poster noah noahide noachide law gentile torah universal commandment mitzvah teach wisdom education morality world-to-come redemption
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