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Added: 7th August 2008
Posted By: shoahstories
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Bergen-Belsen was a Nazi concentration camp in Lower Saxony, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle. Between 1943 and 1945, an estimated 50,000 people died there, up to 35,000 of them dying of typhus in the first few months of 1945. On April 15, 1945, British forces liberated the...

Tags: bergen belsen hatikvah death camp concentration survivors liberation bbc nazi horror six million dead shoah holocaust 1945 british forces liberation patrick gordon walker producer moe asch smithsonian institute archive historian heny sapoznik am yisrael chai people israel liveth audio podcast mp3

Added: 21st February 2008
Posted By: gosderot
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This map clearly illustrates the radical increase in the range of the Kassam missiles being fired from the terror groups in Gaza Strip at Israeli citizens "guilty" of living in the growing missile attack footprint.

Tags: kassam map sderot missile range gaza strip hamas attack danger threat

Added: 18th October 2007
Posted By: ourtorah
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In this rare and remarkable pre-Holocaust photo, the great Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, better known for his epic work of halacha (Jewish law)- Chofetz Chaim, which took him 28 years to compose. Since he passed away in late 1933, this photo is likely from the the late 1920s or 1930s. The Chofetz...

Tags: chofetz chaim rabbi yisrael meir kagan halacha jewish law tzaddik 20th century great rebbe torah holy man

Added: 2nd November 2007
Posted By: orangetruth
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Who would think that 60 years after the Holocaust that an anti-semitic ex-U.S. President (Jimmy Carter) would join forces with the ancient islamic murder cult to destroy the state of Israel and the Jewish People?

Tags: cartoon satire antisemitism carter islam jihad genocide israel middle east holocaust

Added: 21st July 2007
Posted By: orangetruth
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Eli Yosef is one of the leading activists for the release of Jonathon Pollard, whose has served 22 years in an American prison for sharing vital information with Israel that the United States was withholding. In clear violation of his plea bargain and without access to crucial evidence against...

Tags: jonathon pollard prison life lesson eli yosef injustice activist

Added: 20th October 2010
Posted By: naaleh
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Naaleh.com presents this shiur on the relationship between Torah philosophy and modern science. Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller talks about common issues that come up for religious Jews embarking on academic studies. Thousands of FREE Torah shiurim are available at Naaleh.com in streaming video and...

Tags: harmonizing torah science video shiur philosophy machshava

Added: 24th June 2009
Posted By: vicsvoice
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Movie trailer MP3 voiceover intended as a humorous commentary on the Middle East.

Tags: movie trailer middle east peace voice over demo

Added: 5th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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This is a 1990s classic of Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld performing a SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit as a history teacher - a bit of truth here about education as well - and really funny!!

Tags: jerry seinfeld comedian comedy laugh skit play saturday night live history teacher school education television funny
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