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Added: 18th July 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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QUEST FOR THE LOST TRIBES documents Emmy-award winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici's ambitious quest to solve the mystery of the lost tribes. Investigating nearly every story, no matter how seemingly far-fetched, the journey leads to Afghanistan, China, India, Tunisia and the Middle East....

Tags: quest lost tribes jewish documentary israel human history twelve tribes documentary

Added: 24th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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In this amazing series of flash lessons from Jewish mysticism, here is #2 in the series: "The Path of Most Resistance". Some airplanes fly because they are pushing air downward. But most of them fly because they are pushing air upward. Don’t believe me? Look here. This is beautiful. It fits...

Tags: flash cartoon animation infinity kaballah cartoon teachings lessons children kids education chinuch chassidus chassidut mysticism tradition chabad

Added: 1st July 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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OK..you Jewish flash game fans! Here is another awesome and challenging game for Jewish kids of all ages - Matzoh Basket Ball - with a matzoh ball instead of basketball, a hoop that moves, and Jewish graffiti and even Jewish-Hebrew fan noises! After game loads - double-click on matzah...

Tags: flash game fun kids matzoh ball basket hebrew graffiti crowd

Added: 31st December 2011
Posted By: tzofiya
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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (Part 4 of 6) is the 1971 film version of the Broadway musical of the same name. It was directed by Norman Jewison. The film won three Academy Awards, including one for arranger-conductor John Williams. It was nominated for several more, including Best Picture, Best Actor for...

Tags: movie complete full length part one fiddler roof 1971 version broadway musical academy awards chaim topol tevye rich man tradition matchmaker songs pogroms revolutions russian poor family mispacha history

Added: 5th December 2009
Posted By: moviejewie
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Woody Allen Classic Comedy Movie Sleeper (Part 1 of 9) - Here is possibly the best comedy movie produced by one of the Jewish comedic geniuses of the 20th century - Woody Allen's "Sleeper". Sleeper Summary: In 1973, health-food store owner Miles Monroe (Woody Allen) enters the...

Tags: woody allen sleeper 1973 movie complete watch full length comedy classic future parody satire spoof slapstick miles monroe luna diane keaton hilarious fun

Added: 26th August 2008
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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A shocking interview with "Doctor History" reviewing both global and Israel's dangerous decisions of the last few decade. Radio talk show host Tovia Singer of IsraelNationalRadio.com conducts the interview. "Israel Capitulating Further on Red Lines it Said it Would Not Cross" - Renowned...

Tags: doctor history steve carol teacher expert lecturer opinion commentary analysis shocking threat dangerous oslo lebanon overview politics red lines middle east rules thumb strategic errors jewish state future consequences

Added: 8th October 2007
Posted By: mishpacha
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This is a very typical scene in Jerusalem - with multiple Sukkahs taking over the adjoining balconies dominating the view from the street.

Tags: sukkah sukkot holiday israel jerusalem holy

Added: 11th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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The Chosen - 1981 Complete Film Part 4 The Chosen traces a friendship between two Jewish boys growing up in Brooklyn at the end of World War II. Reuven Malter, the narrator and one of the novel's two protagonists, is a traditional Orthodox Jew. He is the son of David Malter, a dedicated...

Tags: the chosen 1981 complete film classic jewish movie orthodox modern society world war two chassidim book author chaim potak classic life story
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