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Added: 8th November 2011
Posted By: jewflix
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The true story of Czech born Oskar Schindler, a businessman who tried to make his fortune during the Second World War by exploiting cheap Jewish labour, but ended up penniless having saved over 1000 Polish Jews from almost certain death during the holocaust. Oskar Schindler is a vainglorious...

Tags: movie jewish holocaust ghetto scene schindler list film cinema promo trailer six million steven spielberg

Added: 11th February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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The Chosen - 1981 Complete Film Part 1 of 5 The Chosen traces a friendship between two Jewish boys growing up in Brooklyn at the end of World War II. Reuven Malter, the narrator and one of the novel's two protagonists, is a traditional Orthodox Jew. He is the son of David Malter, a...

Tags: the chosen 1981 complete film classic jewish movie orthodox modern society world war two chassidim book author chaim potak classic life story

Added: 10th September 2009
Posted By: BurtWest
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Tags: Burt West VO Promos Donuts Coffee AFTRA Shomer Shabbat Union Voice-Over Artist Studio Sephardi Uriel MaArav

Added: 3rd December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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As the cartoon shows - Puff the Magic Dragon has a unique and easier way of lighting the Menorah for Chanukah!

Tags: cartoon dragon puff chanukah menorah candle fire light satire fun holiday laugh

Added: 12th July 2009
Posted By: Yarden
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Kosher Gas Station - The Rio gas station in Borough Park, Brooklyn is also home to a very popular Kosher deli.

Tags: kosher gas station borough park new york brooklyn popular deli diaspora life

Added: 18th March 2012
Posted By: moviejewie
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The Merchant of Venice is a 2004 romantic drama film based on Shakespeare's play of the same name. In 16th century Venice, when a merchant must default on a large loan from an abused Jewish moneylender for a friend with romantic ambitions, the bitterly vengeful creditor demands a gruesome...

Tags: merchant venice theatrical theatre movie trailer powerful adaptation shakespeare classic play al pacino shylock joseph fiennes jeremy irons actors

Added: 12th June 2007
Posted By: golan
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Waterfall in Northern Israel

Tags: golan heights waterfall israel

Added: 30th July 2007
Posted By: AishHaTorah
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Rabbi Geller, one of the most enthusiastic Torah teachers in the world, has found a new spin for understanding the Torah. He doesn't call it a storybook or a history book, but rather a collection of 'elements' that are of 'prime interest' to God. In this single session whirlwind journey through...

Tags: torah journey aish five book moses history tradition rabbi avi geller class education wisdom learn teach
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