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Added: 23rd July 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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A moving slideshow focused on the three week period of annual Jewish mourning for the destruction of our Holy Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem, that culminates with the Tisha B'av (the 9th day of Av) which is less than one hour away here in Israel. Video is set to music from Miami Boys' Choir as...

Tags: temple mount third slideshow three weeks mourning teaching torah

Added: 22nd August 2008
Posted By: mishpacha
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God's Waters: Jewish Secrets of Love - here is 2 Minutes of Mikvah- as you've never experienced it before - the Mikvah is the ritual cleansing immersion that is one of the foundations of Jewish marital relations and interaction.

Tags: holy jewish waters mikveh mikvah ritual immersion nidah taharat mishpacha family purity sexual relations marital interaction foundations life family children pregnancy torah halacha ancient tradition new beginnings forgiveness romance matrimony

Added: 5th July 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of WebYeshiva.org discusses the issue of speaking or thinking on Shabbat about matters that are not in the spirit of Shabbat that have already taken place. This, he says, does not fall under the category restrictions derived from the passages in Yeshayahu.

Tags: shabbat shabbos halacha yomit speaking about past events spirit holy day rabbi chaim brovender

Added: 11th June 2011
Posted By: Chatzkel
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Of course we know our kids best. That's why we sometimes need outside help to figure out what's going on! 3 Minute Parenting Trough the Parsha with Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich.

Tags: jewish parenting yechezkel freundlich torah

Added: 21st April 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Tefillah halacha yomit by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva

Tags: tefillah torah halacha yomit rabbi chaim brovender rosh webyeshiva bringing children synagogue

Added: 4th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Exercise Your Heritage - awesome short animation!

Tags: exercise your heritage short animation torah scroll honey four species

Added: 15th June 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of WebYeshiva.org, discusses the prohibition of preparing on Shabbat for After Shabbat, as compared to preparing on Shabbat for later on that Shabbat. For example, making a bed on Shabbat is dependent on whether the bed will be slept in later that same Shabbat.

Tags: shabbat shabbos halacha yomit preparing shabbat after rabbi chaim brovender shiur traditions rosh webyeshiva

Added: 3rd August 2009
Posted By: torahchannel
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Lessons in Mishnah Berachot Four (in English)

Tags: lesson mishnah english shiur torah berachot blessings english four
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