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Added: 26th December 2007
Posted By: ourtorah
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The Maui Mikvah: Video introducing the very first Kosher Mikvah in the history of the Hawaiian Islands! Thanks to our friends from Chabad! The Mikveh is so critical to Jewish life and survival, that Jewish Law states that is a community only has money to build either a synagogue or a mikveh -...

Tags: chabad mikvah video hawaii island maui ritual bath jewish law halacha family purity first torah outreach united states woman women taharas taharat mispacha

Added: 27th July 2009
Posted By: TorahJudaismIsrael
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A nice shiur on the introduction on Rabbi Pinchas Winston - new The Equation of Life Book http://web.me.com/pwinston/Thirtysix.org/THIRTYSIX.ORG/THIRTYSIX.ORG.html

Tags: thirtysix Rabbi Pinchas Winston Torah

Added: 15th June 2008
Posted By: Mussar
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Project Derech Eretz - Producing Loveable Children is an extended podcast that is truly an important message in our times (audio is low quality at the source - but the wisdom is worthwhile) Sarah Chana Radcliffe: http://www.parenting-advice.net

Tags: parenting torah mussar halacha children

Added: 8th September 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Speaking in an EXODUS way. - Rabbi Mordechai Machlis answers the question: "How do you leave Egypt for good?" It's based on Ki Seitzei, this week's Torah portion. Please share, subscribe, & if you'd like to help sponsor a Rabbi Machlis holiday video, please click on...

Tags: rabbi mordechai machlis jewish parsha kit seitzei speaking exodus way asking god religion reaction tzaddik repentance teachings wisdom

Added: 30th June 2009
Posted By: TorahJudaismIsrael
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Rabbi Pinchas Winston Interview on the Tamar Yonah Show (IsraelNationalRadio.com) for Survival in 10 Easy Steps - June 22-09.

Tags: torah interview Rabbi Pinchas Winston thirtysix

Added: 25th December 2008
Posted By: tourtheholy
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Watch now how Tefillin are made in the Mitzion Tefillin factory, check out the website (Mitzion.com) to purchase high quality Bar Mitzvah Tefillin. You can also find Mezuzot, Sifrei Torah Scrolls and Megillot.

Tags: tefillin factory mitzion high quality bar mitzvah mezuzot sefer torah scrolls megillot demonstration

Added: 20th October 2010
Posted By: naaleh
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Naaleh.com presents this shiur on the relationship between Torah philosophy and modern science. Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller talks about common issues that come up for religious Jews embarking on academic studies. Thousands of FREE Torah shiurim are available at Naaleh.com in streaming video and...

Tags: harmonizing torah science video shiur philosophy machshava

Added: 29th July 2009
Posted By: ourtorah
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The Chofetz Chaim Tisha Bav Internet Event Preview 2 with Rabbi Orlofsky and Rabbi Mansour.

Tags: chofetz chaim tisha bav internet event program preview rabbis orlofsky mansour
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