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Added: 14th June 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of WebYeshiva.org, addresses a student's question of how one can deal with inadvertently seeing or reading advertisements on Shabbat.

Tags: shabbat shabbos halacha yomit shitrei hediyotot seeing reading advertisement shabbat holy day rest jewish tradition rabbi chaim brovender rosh webyeshiva

Added: 20th May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Bechukotai 5771/2011 The World to Come Live (where everyone's welcomed for study & food) every Tuesday night from Jerusalem is Rabbi Mordechai Machlis's Torah study. If you can help out, please contribute generously at: http://www.MachlisPresents.org - where you can also view over...

Tags: rabbi mordechai machlis jewishparshat bechukotai the world to come tzaddik repentance teachings wisdom

Added: 6th July 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Rabbi Chaim Brovender, of WebYeshiva.org, speaks about the issues related to speaking "sicha beteila," idle talk on Shabbat. This is separate from the prohibition of "v'daber davar" that is mentioned in Yeshayahu, and is important to be aware of in creating a special...

Tags: shabbat shabbos halacha yomit idle talk chatter spirit holy day rabbi chaim brovender shiur

Added: 28th February 2010
Posted By: WebYeshiva
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Halacha Yomit by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva, the world's first, fully interactive, live online yeshiva and midrasha.

Tags: halacha yomit purim laws rabbi chaim brovender rosh webyeshiva

Added: 12th May 2010
Posted By: naaleh
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Naaleh.com brings you short daily classes on the meaning and depth of the Shemoneh Esrai prayer. This class focuses on the simple translation of the words, as well as the intent one should have while saying them. Sure to enhance your praying experience. Hundreds of classes are available for free...

Tags: tefillah prayer torah daven shiur education learn jewish tradition laws mp3 audio podcast

Added: 30th June 2009
Posted By: TorahJudaismIsrael
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Rabbi Pinchas Winston Interview on the Tamar Yonah Show (IsraelNationalRadio.com) for Survival in 10 Easy Steps - June 22-09.

Tags: torah interview Rabbi Pinchas Winston thirtysix

Added: 27th July 2009
Posted By: TorahJudaismIsrael
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A nice shiur on the introduction on Rabbi Pinchas Winston - new The Equation of Life Book http://web.me.com/pwinston/Thirtysix.org/THIRTYSIX.ORG/THIRTYSIX.ORG.html

Tags: thirtysix Rabbi Pinchas Winston Torah

Added: 14th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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3D Virtual Tour of Jewish Holy Temple - use your mind and wander through the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

Tags: 3D virtual tour jewish holy temple beit hamikdash jerusalem har habayit animation
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