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Added: 5th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Euroshiur "Secret of Jewish Survival" - Live videoconference to European communities - 6 February 2007. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is a teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author who has been hailed by Time magazine as a "once-in-a-millenium scholar." His lifelong work work in Jewish...

Tags: secret jewish survival mystery rabbi adin steinsaltz talmud scholar author chassid chabad europe teacher philosopher social critic prolific respected holy millenium talmid rebbe video conference live 2007 torah yeshiva shiur lesson education wisdom learn teach tutor talmid chacham

Added: 3rd June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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(note: this is 76-minute video - audio starts after 15 seconds) The truly amazing Rebbetzin Ester Jungreis, founder of the Hineni educational/outreach organization, is recorded in this one-hour, life-changing video about the lessons from the Torah (this class is based on Parshat Vayetze). Sit...

Tags: ester jungries life class torah lesson parshat vayetze portion reading bible education wisdom tutor life lessons tradition great teacher hineni outreach knowledge learn teach yeshiva speech lecture

Added: 13th August 2008
Posted By: Sharon
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Shir Tehilla (Shiri for Short - her name translates as "The Song of Prayer") loves learning the story of the Jewish people. And she loves teaching too. Here, four year old, Shir Tehilla begins the story of the Bible - CREATION. This is funny, true, tear-jerking and wonderful video well worth...

Tags: shiri tehilla katz bible torah sharon teacher chinuch creation story bereishit four years smart child generations tradition mesorah education hashem

Added: 28th January 2009
Posted By: ourtorah
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Weekly Torah Lesson - Parshat Bo - 'Please, speak into the ears of the people, and let them borrow, each man from his friend and each woman from her friend, silver vessels and golden vessels.' (Exodus 10:2) - Who are the friends of the children of Israel, and why is the act of borrowing a...

Tags: weekly torah portion lesson parshat bo exodus shemot

Added: 13th April 2009
Posted By: BaisHamikdash
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An inspirational video clip dedicated to honor the Holy Sabbath. Lyrics and Music by Abie Rotenberg from the Album Journeys.

Tags: shabbos sabbath shabbat shabat shalom torah education hassidic jews hassidim chabad aish lubavitch house shmuz rabbi shafier breslov rabbi nachman breslov hidabroot shofar amnon yitzchak

Added: 4th June 2009
Posted By: avirach
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On Sunday March 29th 2009 - 4 Nissan 5769, the Sandra Brand Torah Project donated a restored Torah to Chabad at Princeton University. The procession wound its way through campus to the Chabad House. Video filmed and edited by Casey Ford Alexander '10

Tags: Torah Dedication ceremony chabad princeton university hakafot sandra brand campus

Added: 29th June 2009
Posted By: TorahJudaismIsrael
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Shiur on Bitachon - Payis Centre - 09-06-29

Tags: bitachon shiur torah rabbi pinchas winston audio

Added: 29th July 2009
Posted By: ourtorah
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The Chofetz Chaim Tisha Bav 5769 Internet Event Preview 1 with Rabbi Frand and Rabbi Shapiro.

Tags: chofetz chaim tisha bav internet event program preview rabbis shapiro frand
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