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chanukah - Top Rated

Added: 24th July 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
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Aladdin rubs the magic Chanukah lamp only to find more than he bargained for...a JEWISH Genie! Taken from a live performance of the show "Aladdin" - December 2005, produced by the TACT Theatre Co.

Tags: jewish theatre alladin chanukah comedy holiday performance live stage

Added: 21st October 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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The amazing Jewish rap sensations, Chutzpah, make a shout and live rap called: "Chanukah da Bomb". Check it - ya' hear!

Tags: chutzpah jewish music video rapper chanukah holiday lights candle fun music song lyrics perform

Added: 5th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Kenny Ellis sings his hit single from his Hanukkah Swings! Album on Favored Nations Records. More at www.kennyellis.com

Tags: dreidel chanukah jazz hit single swing band orchestra song music holiday lights festival cool

Added: 14th June 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
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In late 2007, a wonderful and happy young Jewish man said: "Happy Chanukah!" out loud on a subway train. He was nearly immediately beaten quite seriously for his holiday greeting. We like to think of NYC/America as a safe place for Jews - see this video.

Tags: jew beating mugging antisemitism happy chanukah greeting subway train hurt black eye blood united states 2007

Added: 5th November 2008
Posted By: ourtorah
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In a Beliefnet exclusive, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, internationally regarded as one of the greatest Jewish scholars and teachers of our time, talks about the meaning of Hanukkah.

Tags: rabbi rav goan scholar adin steinsaltz teacher meaning deeper connection chanukah hanukkah lights festival victory tradition wisdom teach learn education

Added: 23rd December 2008
Posted By: Sharon
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Shir Tehilla (Shiri, for short) loves to share what she knows about Torah and Jewish holidays. Here Shiri tells us the Story of Chanukah. Happy holiday of lights.

Tags: shiri tehila katz chanukah bible torah sharon menorah education teach learn holy child festival lights miracles

Added: 11th December 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Chanukah Going Nuts Over Donuts - in the spirit of the holiday of course!

Tags: chanukah nuts donuts sufganiyot festival lights food consumption oil

Added: 12th December 2009
Posted By: howjewsdance
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No matter where you are, you can be a Jewish star...thanks to "Honika Electronica!" Music video credits: Executive Producer - Eric Schwartz Song by - Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E

Tags: honika electronica chanukah rap spoof parody music video jewish comedian rapper eric schwartz smooth-e
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