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Added: 19th March 2008
Posted By: jewflix
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The top-rated episode of Nickelodeon’s top-rated series is now on video and shown here in full-length! It’s Angelica as Pharoah, Tommy as Moses and the babies as the Hebrews in a “Rugrats Passover”. For everyone from ages 2-99. Kids, teens and adults.

Tags: nickelodeon series film movie full length rugrats passover story hagaddah ten plagues splitting sea miracles seder pesach pharoah moses hebrew babies kids teens children exodus egypt cartoon animation education bible torah story holiday chinuch

Added: 5th April 2012
Posted By: jewflix
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PRINCE OF EGYPT (PART 1 of 3) - The Prince of Egypt is a 1998 Academy Award-winning American animated film, the first traditionally animated film produced and released by DreamWorks. The story follows the life of Moses from his birth, through his childhood as a prince of Egypt and finally to his...

Tags: passover pesach seder matzah prince egypt movie film cartoons cinema animation dreamworks academy award winning 1998 moses moishe birth slavery egypt pharoah miracles ten plagues mount sinai torah desert red sea yam suf splitting song when you believe mariah carey best original whitney houston stephen schwartz 1999 golden globes nomination brenda chapman simon wells steve hickner michelle pfeiffer ralph fiennes steve martin martin short jewish ultimate destiny exodus

Added: 3rd April 2009
Posted By: Lightcatcher
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Excerpt from the Lightcatcher documentary RIDDLE OF THE EXODUS that details the parallels found between the Jewish tradition and the archaeological record of ancient Egypt.

Tags: exodus lightcatcher documentary torah passover pesach parallels jewish tradition archaeological record ancient egypt

Added: 8th April 2009
Posted By: peacepartner
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Four Cups of Blood? Hamas 'Celebrates' Passover with Libel - Hamas actors, several days before the Passover holiday, performed in Gaza its version of an old blood libel against Jews, who previously have been accused of using Christian blood to drink and to make matzo, the unleavened bread eaten...

Tags: four 4 cups blood hamas propaganda passover pesach libel islamic university kill muslims washing hands making matzah abuse outrageous

Added: 16th July 2009
Posted By: KosherChef
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Matzah In 18 Minutes - Matzoh is made in under 18 minutes or else it starts to leaven and cannot be used. Interesting look into traditional ways of Montreal's Jewish community.

Tags: matzah passover pesach 18 eighteen minutes leaven seder montreal factory tour

Added: 13th April 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Howcast's video on HowTo run a Passover seder - as much funny as it is fairly accurate. How to Host a Passover Seder Watch this video for a demonstration of "How to Host a Passover Seder". To complete the task, you will need: Dishes and utensils specifically for Passover...

Tags: howto passover pesach seder instructional tutorial jewish traditions holiday

Added: 20th April 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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5000 Years of Jewish History - The Passover Story The great holiday of Passover is one of the central days in the Jewish Calendar. The Jewish people came down to Egypt through Joseph. Joseph was at one point the viceroy of Egypt, but after he died, the Jewish people sink into slavery. This...

Tags: 5000 years jewish history passover story exodus pesach seder moses rabbi berel wein destiny foundation series

Added: 21st April 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Isralight Passover Greeting #1 We hope you will enjoy the first of a special three-part video series on the meaning of the Passover holiday, with Rabbi David Aaron. On behalf of all your friends here at Isralight, happy Passover to you and your family!

Tags: david aaron rabbi dean founder isralight old city jerusalem learning center torah outreach kiruv passover pesach holiday message
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