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Added: 2nd April 2009
Posted By: israhero
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Pascal Bercovitch - If there is one thing we can learn from Pascal Bercovitch, it is to love life for all that it is. After her tragic accident at the still blossoming age of 17, Pascal has gone on to achieve in all that she put her efforts toward. In this interview Pascal tells us about her...

Tags: pascal bercovitch berkowitz lover life triumph challenges accident legs optimism dancing paralympics sports oleh immigrant france journalist writer film director amazing woman

Added: 24th August 2009
Posted By: israsports
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Major League Baseball Plants Seeds in Israel - During his 14-day visit to Israel, funded in part by a U.S. Embassy grant, Major League Baseball's Global Coordinator for the Envoy Coaches Program, Pat Doyle, visited a number of towns in the periphery to introduce Israeli children to baseball....

Tags: major league baseball israel global coordinator coaches program pat doyle children new game iab

Added: 14th July 2008
Posted By: israsports
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At long last in Israel: Monster Truck shows, which are the rage among many Americans on weekends, have come to Israel for a show at the Israel National Stadium in Ramat Gan, which the trucks will leave looking more like a war zone than a soccer stadium.

Tags: monster truck shows extreme crush rage americans national stadium ramat gan soccer crowd sport

Added: 11th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Human Bird Jeb Corliss Proximity Jump The Matterhorn - this video will take your breath away - the filming and human achievement are astonishing. What are the limits of human potential?

Tags: human bird wing jeb corliss extreme sports proximity jumping the matterhorn mountain helicopter jump leap amazing human achievement dangerous high definition

Added: 3rd July 2008
Posted By: israsports
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Israeli Ninja - Professor Van Yuren, a Dan 10 Ninjitsu grand master, is in Israel to ordain the first ever Israeli ninjitsu grand master, David Haliva. Haliva must pass rigorous, life-risking tests and sign a blood oath in order to join the ranks of grand masters in this secretive and ancient...

Tags: israeli martial arts self defense master ninjitsu grand david haliva tests blood oath ancient secrets sports

Added: 22nd August 2008
Posted By: israsports
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Olympic 7-time Gold medalist, Mark Spitz, is one of the greatest Jewish athletes of all time. In this short video, Spitz talks about being a Jew and a role model in the aftermath of the Munich Olympics terror-massacre of Jewish athletes.

Tags: olympics olympian icon legend seven 7 gold medals mark spitz jewish athlete star role model aftermath munich massacre interview

Added: 20th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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On October 6, 1965, Sandy Koufax, the overpowering lefty for the Los Angeles Dodgers, did not pitch in the first game of the World Series against the Minnesota Twins because game day fell on Yom Kippur. Sandy Koufax went to shul that day. He fasted. Sandy Koufax did not hide his Jewishness. He...

Tags: jewish legend famous baseball sports player yom kippur world series pitcher proud decision 1965 dodgers fast shul righteous

Added: 26th July 2007
Posted By: israsports
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Superb news feature covering Jewish hockey players from Canada, USA, France and Israel gathering in Israel for ice hockey championship.

Tags: israel ice hockey sports usa france canada northern metullah feature interview league
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