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Added: 26th October 2007
Posted By: jewbot
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This is a great flash to get ready for Chanukah: "The Gali Girls" - I love it!

Tags: flash animation chanukah holy holiday jewish girls best funny comedy spoof satire

Added: 11th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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For Jewish children of all ages - a superb flash animation series teaching basic Kabbalistic concepts - really for anyone! Amazing! This is Episode #1 - "Filling the Hole".

Tags: kabbalah rabbi infinity outreach flash animation chassidus chabad children kids education wisdom fun cartoon chassidus episode one filling the hole

Added: 22nd January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Here is one of the cool flash ads running for the alternative "peace" plan circulated by MK R. Benny Elon. FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO THIS WEBSITE: israelinitiative.com OR www.therightroadtopeace.com/eng/defaulteng.html - The Right Road to Peace!

Tags: commercial flash ad israel initiative rabbi member knesset benny elon right road peace sushi corrupt politicians alternative

Added: 10th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The massacre at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva has left eight Jewish boys dead - who were they? Watch this memorial flash presentation and meet these eight young men that suddenly lost their lives - and see images from the horrid aftermath after the massacre. This was produced by Shlomo Wollins,...

Tags: massacre yeshiva jerusalem flash images victims eight dead biographies photographs blood memorial terror mercaz harav

Added: 12th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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A ballistic missile from a foreign enemy would take 33 minutes to reach the United States. With each passing day, this becomes a growing danger to America, yet our government has failed to build the missile defense systems capable of defending us against such attacks. The time has come to...

Tags: 33 minutes flash global ballistic threat demonstration sample protecting america in the new missile age documentary shocker producer the heritage foundation expert interviews commentaries rare footage

Added: 22nd October 2007
Posted By: israelhistorian
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As a student of history - one can only be amazed at the Nazi-echoes of the modern jihad - and how little the world utilizes islamic history of non-stop aggression to justify a global effort to restore sanity. The world should not sleep soundly with the new Iranian Hitler pursuing nuclear weapons...

Tags: jihad intifada flash presentation history islam iran hitler holocaust israel aggression

Added: 6th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Today - March 6th, 2008 - a terrorist slaughtered yeshiva students (eight at current time) in the Mercaz HaRav elite seminary in the middle of Jerusalem - here are GRAPHIC PHOTOS of the aftermath - VIEWER DISCRETION HIGHLY-ADVISED. Allow the 1mb flash box to load - a black box will appear during...

Tags: flash photographs images graphic yeshiva jerusalem talmidim bachorim massacre march 2008 mercaz harav jihad terrorists slaughter

Added: 31st October 2007
Posted By: jewbot
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Funny spoof with our star, Shabot, talking about that mysterious Jewish tradition of ordering Chinese food on Christmas eve.

Tags: flash animation spoof laugh comedy satire chinese christmas robot shabot funny satire cartoon
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