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Added: 31st October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Hey gang! This is a cool tool to generate a scrolling message IN HEBREW!! It even gives you code that you can use to embed your Hebrew scrolling message on your website or MySpace, etc. Courtesy of a neat site for Jewish stuff: www.jewishlayout.com

Tags: flash tool hebrew website code generator fun children kids

Added: 26th August 2008
Posted By: teachyou
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Another cool life lesson from Rabbi Infinity of Chabad on "tightrope walking" life's decisions and challenges. Rabbi Infinity says: The problem with religion is all this talk about faith. Why believe in something just because somebody else--or even a lot of people--believe it is true. After all,...

Tags: tightrope walking life decisions challenges balance focus commitment doubt fall faith flash animation cartoon chinuch kids children education wisdom tradition chabad

Added: 22nd October 2007
Posted By: israelhistorian
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I remember when I lived in the United States (now in Israel ten years) and Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer was our President. Despite being a child, I can recall wondering how such a mental midget could become head of the most powerful nation in the world. However, what was unclear at that time...

Tags: flash animation jimmy carter united states president antisemitism hatred racist bigot author jihad

Added: 8th October 2008
Posted By: teachyou
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The Secret of the Bagel - It is not easy to initiate a four year old into the secrets of the cosmos. But then, does the forty year old really understand any better. As long as there is wonder, that's all that counts. Amazing flash presentation showing how God creates the world my creating space...

Tags: kaballistic kaballah secrets jewish mysticism chassidus chassidut chabad secrets bagel tzimtzum contraction light material space creation miracles tradition wisdom understanding teachers education chinuch torah life lessons

Added: 17th September 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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OK...here it is. For the older Jewish generation (and the old at heart) - a really excellent flash shuffleboard game. Actually it is so addicting and great for all ages. So put on your flip-flops, come on deck, and shuffle away!

Tags: flash game animation shuffleboard fun recreation

Added: 4th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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This is a really, really funny flash animation - spoofing the American Idol tv show with a Rosh Hashana version of shofar imitations! A real laugher!

Tags: flash animation american idol television show rosh hashana version spoof satire cartoon parody shofar imitation

Added: 21st March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Here is neat flash with the entire scroll of the Megilat Esther (the Scroll of Esther) containing the 10 chapters that are read from a holy and specific scroll twice each year to the Jewish communities worldwide on Purim. Use the red arrows to "scroll" (non pun intended) forward through the...

Tags: megilat ester megillah esther scroll flash animation holy letters mordechai haman holiday evil decree prayers victory king

Added: 23rd May 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The 2006 Lebanon-Hizbullah War: Myths & Facts - Get the facts. Dispel 5 common misconceptions about the war in Lebanon in two minutes. Superb flash presenation from Aish HaTorah (aish.com) - Who really started the war? Who was using citizens as human shields? Hard evidence.

Tags: flash presentation israel history education facts 2006 terror war northern israel rockets missiles katushya bomb shelter hizbullah soldier kidnapping
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