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Added: 29th July 2008
Posted By: teachyou
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Another of the great series: Kaballa Toones. Animated lessons from Jewish mystical wisdom. This lesson is called: "Soul Shades" and teaches about the interaction of light and darkness - and how reducing the light can actually be very illuminating.

Tags: jewish kaballah soul shades sunglasses light dark chassidus chassidut children kids deeper mystical creation meaning chabad cartoons chinuch education kids children tradition

Added: 17th September 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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In this amazing flash game, you are President Bush (and later Condi Rice if you advance a few levels). Terrorists have infiltrated the White House and you must protect your life and eliminate the invaders. It is you or them. (Hints: use mouse to point weapon and duck while reloading! You can...

Tags: flash game animation president george bush terror white house united states

Added: 8th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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One of the most misunderstood of Jewish communities in the post-WWII diaspora is the Polish community. This flash tickler should portray that mood and feeling. The Galicia Jewish Museum exists to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to celebrate the Jewish culture of Polish Galicia,...

Tags: galicia poland cracow krakow museum old jewish quarter diaspora community history holocaust culture past traces exhibition memory

Added: 24th December 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
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What are the three most important words in marriage? Check out this sharp flash presentation from Aish HaTorah to find out!

Tags: flash animation cartoon marriage advice guidance three important words humility perspective wisdom wife husband shalom bayit peace home family

Added: 11th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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For Jewish children of all ages - a superb flash animation series teaching basic Kabbalistic concepts - really for anyone! Amazing! This is Episode #1 - "Filling the Hole".

Tags: kabbalah rabbi infinity outreach flash animation chassidus chabad children kids education wisdom fun cartoon chassidus episode one filling the hole

Added: 6th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Today - March 6th, 2008 - a terrorist slaughtered yeshiva students (eight at current time) in the Mercaz HaRav elite seminary in the middle of Jerusalem - here are GRAPHIC PHOTOS of the aftermath - VIEWER DISCRETION HIGHLY-ADVISED. Allow the 1mb flash box to load - a black box will appear during...

Tags: flash photographs images graphic yeshiva jerusalem talmidim bachorim massacre march 2008 mercaz harav jihad terrorists slaughter

Added: 18th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Now this is a flash game any Jew can relate to - answer a few questions right and become a millionaire! If only if was that simple! Great flash game - check this out!

Tags: flash game animation millionaire dollar money fun recreation play

Added: 15th June 2008
Posted By: israelreporter
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In this interactive flash presentation from One Jerusalem, the missile and heavy munitions danger to Jerusalem is both severe and immediate. Click on the 4 different terror arsenals to see the ranges flash over the areas of Israel.

Tags: jerusalem west bank mortars machine guns kassam rocket missile katushya danger threat palestinian state existential flash animation
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