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Reporter Scrambles To Cover Jerusalem Bus Bombing
Added: 23 Mar 11
Views: 276
From: WeJew

Raw Footage of Jerusalem Terror Attack - One Dead
Added: 23 Mar 11
Views: 409
From: WeJew

Arab Media Covers Turkish Anti-Israel Film
Added: 01 Mar 11
Views: 164
From: WeJew

Iranian-Grad Rocket Hits Beer Sheva Home In Israel
Added: 25 Feb 11
Views: 193
From: WeJew

Iranian Warships In Suez Canal Crisis Update
Added: 22 Feb 11
Views: 243
From: WeJew

Joint Combat Demo Simulates Urban Warfare 2011
Added: 17 Feb 11
Views: 237
From: WeJew

Huckabee: Israel Feels Abandoned By Obama
Added: 14 Feb 11
Views: 153
From: WeJew

IDF Soldier Ceremony at the Western Wall
Added: 14 Feb 11
Views: 258
From: WeJew

Terrorist Attack on Egypt-Israel Gas Pipeline
Added: 06 Feb 11
Views: 378
From: WeJew

Jerusalem UFO On Temple Mount Videos Go Global Viral
Added: 03 Feb 11
Views: 1343
From: WeJew

Netanyahu On Islamic Arab Crisis In Middle East
Added: 02 Feb 11
Views: 259
From: WeJew

UFO Filmed Over Temple Mount Jerusalem - 2011
Added: 30 Jan 11
Views: 13876
From: WeJew

Netanyahu Speaks At Birthright Mega-Event 2011
Added: 18 Jan 11
Views: 299
From: WeJew

Israel Solar Eclipse 2011 Bareket Observatory
Added: 11 Jan 11
Views: 179
From: WeJew

Anglo Israeli Air Force Pilots Receive Their Wings
Added: 05 Jan 11
Views: 393
From: WeJew

79 Injured In Israel Train Blaze
Added: 31 Dec 10
Views: 80
From: WeJew

Israel Tel Aviv Port Wins Architecture Award
Added: 30 Dec 10
Views: 82
From: WeJew
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