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No Spin on Palestinians
Added: 06 Apr 08
Views: 407
From: Yarden

Americans Vote in Israel for US Prez
Added: 02 Nov 08
Views: 257
From: aliyah

Iran Missile Threat and World Reaction
Added: 27 Aug 08
Views: 857
From: israelreporter

Joint IAF and USAF Operations Raw Footage
Added: 14 Mar 10
Views: 236
From: WeJew

Netanyahu Statement on Bin Laden Killing
Added: 03 May 11
Views: 333
From: WeJew

Jackie Mason Obama Is W-right
Added: 24 Jul 08
Views: 600
From: JackieMason

Peres Demands UN Take Stand Against Iran
Added: 03 Oct 10
Views: 71
From: WeJew

John McCain Real Love Ad
Added: 13 Jul 08
Views: 215
From: Yarden

Egyptian Mob Wants End of Peace With Israel
Added: 21 Aug 11
Views: 160
From: WeJew

WeJew Founder Shlomo Wollins Gaza War Interview
Added: 31 Dec 08
Views: 3172
From: shlomo

The Obama Intifada Hits Israel In The Face
Added: 24 Mar 10
Views: 649
From: WeJew

Jerusalem UFO On Temple Mount Videos Go Global Viral
Added: 03 Feb 11
Views: 1341
From: WeJew

Netanyahu Threat of Iran Press Conference
Added: 05 Jul 09
Views: 402
From: isranews

IDF Aid Mission to Haiti Press Briefing
Added: 18 Jan 10
Views: 409
From: isranews

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