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IDF Displays Weapons From Southern Terror Attack
Added: 21 Aug 11
Views: 177
From: WeJew

2200 Year Old Gold Coin Unearthed in Israel
Added: 19 Aug 10
Views: 345
From: WeJew

Knesset Hearing Labels J Street As Anti-Israel
Added: 28 Mar 11
Views: 186
From: WeJew

Schmoozing Terrorists
Added: 28 Oct 07
Views: 387
From: Yarden

Go Down Gaza Terrorist Tunnels on Egypt Border
Added: 15 Sep 11
Views: 496
From: WeJew

Interview with Roie Rahamim
Added: 29 Oct 09
Views: 261
From: Ben-Yehudah

Female FlashMob Protest In Beit Shemesh Israel
Added: 14 Jan 12
Views: 869
From: WeJew

Joint IAF and USAF Operations Raw Footage
Added: 14 Mar 10
Views: 236
From: WeJew

IDF Haiti Aid Update USA Field Hospital Transfer
Added: 25 Jan 10
Views: 365
From: WeJew

Rabbi Kook On New Israel Banknotes
Added: 01 Jan 10
Views: 463
From: isralife

Israeli F-15 Lands With Only One Wing
Added: 28 Jul 10
Views: 9475
From: WeJew

Winograd Report Fallout
Added: 01 Feb 08
Views: 299
From: Yarden

Obamaville 2014 Viral Political Shock
Added: 24 Mar 12
Views: 5924
From: WeJew

WeJew Founder Shlomo Wollins Gaza War Interview
Added: 31 Dec 08
Views: 3230
From: shlomo

IDF 2010 Joint Arms Demo Amazing Footage
Added: 12 Oct 10
Views: 506
From: WeJew

Meir Kahane 1984 in Israeli Knesset
Added: 08 May 09
Views: 491
From: israelreporter

Shocking Raw Footage Arab Gang Beats Jew in Israel
Added: 11 Mar 10
Views: 513
From: WeJew

IDF Soldier Ceremony at the Western Wall
Added: 14 Feb 11
Views: 247
From: WeJew
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