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Added: 23rd February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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A must-watch and shocking video showing the remarkable increase in anti-semitic activities and speeches at university campuses throughout America - the war for our children's minds is being waged right under our noses - and Israel is being made into an apartheid and murderous state - this...

Tags: antisemitism shock film video hate speech arab muslim activities american united states college university campuses battle ideology minds youth israel hatred palestinian progagand

Added: 19th August 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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The attacks prompted a stark warning from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak. They say Israelis will fight back against such brutal acts. He said, "If the terror organizations think they can hit our civilians without any response, they will find out...

Tags: netanyahu statement seven dead massive terror attacks injured wounded bus soldiers southern israel eilat beer sheva egged hamas egypt border arabs terrorism

Added: 1st January 2010
Posted By: isralife
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A group of Religious Zionist rabbis suggested that Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the forefather of Religious Zionism, be included among the figures to be commemorated on Israel's new banknotes. "This idea comes to make historical justice with the man who was one of the most important...

Tags: rabbi abraham isaac kook religious zionist tzaddik rabbi commeration israel new money banknotes historical justice first chief rabbi modern state

Added: 22nd February 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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US-Israeli Arrow 2 Missile Defense Successful Intercept off California Feb 21, 2011: Joint U.S.-Israel Arrow Weapon System successfully intercepted a ballistic target missile. The target missile was launched from a Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) off the coast of California. The Arrow Weapon...

Tags: raw footage israeli usa arrow 2 missile interception test mobile launch platform california explosion military

Added: 31st December 2008
Posted By: shlomo
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Shlomo Wollins, founder of www.WEJEW.com, and a well-known, on-scene activist/journalist, explores how the war in Gaza will effect the outcome in the Israel's national elections in February 2009. Mr. Wollins lived for months in Gaza and covered the Gush Katif expulsion in 2005 for the global...

Tags: shlomo wollins founder wejew israel reporter interview national radio tovia singer talk show host operation cast lead gaza strip hamas invasion idf connection elections livni barak netanyahu likud labor kadima gush katif disengagement amona sderot lebanon war journalist activist opinion middle east commentary

Added: 3rd November 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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The Aluminum Show from Israel - Transforming it into giant silver mammoths, pseudo aliens and sinuous snake-like creatures, an Israeli dance troupe re-defines aluminum. By Harvey Stein. Recently returned from a four-month US tour and slated to fly back soon, this time for a six-month stay,...

Tags: the aluminum show israel silver visual theater world tour dancers

Added: 9th May 2010
Posted By: Hebron
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Four times in one week the cemetery was set ablaze by Arabs.

Tags: Hebron fire cemetery arson Hevron

Added: 24th March 2012
Posted By: WeJew
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OBAMAVILLE - viral political ad 2012 In a new video from Rick Santorum, it is hardly morning in America. It is more like apocalypse in America. From the opening sequence of a large raven to subsequent images of boarded-up buildings, a 1950s-style fallout shelter and alternating views of...

Tags: president barack obama viral political ad obamaville rick santorum 2012
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