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Added: 17th December 2009
Posted By: israsports
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Jewish US Boxing Champ in Israel: G-d Gave me the Ability to Box.

Tags: jewish usa boxing champion israel visit dimitry salita

Added: 19th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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The recent assassination of a terror thug in Dubai has caused international stir as the team of 9 or more in the various hit squads used assumed passports from citizens in the U.K. and other countries. U.K.'s Brown has called for immediate investigation.

Tags: britain passports investigation dubai assassination israeli mossad involvement targeted hit terror leader

Added: 3rd June 2009
Posted By: israelreporter
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Israeli Woman Fails At Committing Suicide Using A Train - (May 31, 2009) an Israeli woman was captured on camera while trying to, apparently, commit suicide on a train's railroad, resulting in her ALMOST getting ran over when the train passes exactly above her. Talk about miracles!

Tags: attempted suicide train tracks israeli woman security camera footage railroad miracle news

Added: 10th December 2009
Posted By: orangetruth
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1000s Protest Building Freeze in Jerusalem - "We have an opportunity to teach Netanyahu, [US President Barack] Obama and [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and the world that Jewish building cannot be frozen." Said MK Michael Ben-Ari to the thousands who gathered at the Paris square...

Tags: israel news video jpost hafgana protest thousands jerusalem ten month construction building freeze crowds mass demonstration

Added: 1st April 2009
Posted By: isranews
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Short clip of Bibi Netanyahu being sworn into the office of Prime Minister of Israel in the Knesset in Jerusalem - ten years after his last stint as the country's head politician.

Tags: benyamin bibi netanyahu sworn office prime minister 2009 5769 politics knesset

Added: 16th October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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IAF and Hellenic Air Force Conduct Combined Exercise in Greece - This week, a combined training of the IAF and the Hellenic Air Force took place in Greece. This training included flight and landing in mountainous terrain and under changing weather conditions. In the video, you will see parts...

Tags: iaf hellenic air forces conduct combined exercise greece flight landing mountains conditions training military

Added: 6nd March 2012
Posted By: isranews
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Historic statement and rebuke by Israeli PM Netanyahu in briefing at White House in March 2012 - Bibi tells Obama that Israel will be the master of her own destiny and defense - shadowing a military attack on Iran within weeks or months.

Tags: israeli pm bibi netanyahu briefing white house 2012 obama master destiny iran

Added: 22nd June 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
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A short news feature that compares Obama's campaign pledges to Israel's security with his administration's soft approach on Iran and hard line on Israel creating another arab state in its borders (palestine).

Tags: president obama biden olmert bibi netanyahu shimon peres iranian nuclear palestinian peace process two states
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