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Added: 19th July 2012
Posted By: WeJew
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City of David 3D Movie Begin your tour with a 3D movie that takes you through thousands of years of history in 15 minutes. This clip shows the animation element of the movie where experts "rebuit" what the City of David and the Temple might have looked like based on the most up-to-date finds and...

Tags: city of david 3d jerusalem tour david amazing

Added: 10th November 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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The difference between work and meaning - what is your life worth - what is your Jewish connection? Work in the Jewish community and "flash" up your life!

Tags: work jewish community meaningful career make difference feed hungry visit sick teach children amazing day

Added: 27th October 2009
Posted By: tourtheholy
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The amazing city of Tel Aviv Israel is the cultural capital of the modern state - a mini NYC open 24 hours for parties and home to culture, architecture, nightlife and a million falafel stands. Tel Aviv just finished celebrating its 100th anniversary (1909-2009).

Tags: tel aviv happening exciting nightlife culture fashion architecture people 100 years

Added: 7th July 2008
Posted By: israelhistorian
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A photographer travels to Germany to discover her Jewish German roots and recount the lives of her family members who perished in the Holocaust. (1985 Anti-Defamation League)

Tags: photographer camera relatives travel inner journey germany holocaust family roots memories lives perished 1985 deep personal voyage

Added: 19th October 2009
Posted By: sophie2002il
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For rent in luxury residences, apartments directly from owner. Apartment fully furnished with sea view and few steps to the beach; residences with pool, and health club. Short term rental for vacation or business trip. Spacious apartments of 3 and 4 rooms for families with children. Small...

Tags: accommodation lodging house apartment studio suite flat israel rental holidays vacation travel

Added: 19th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Here is flash slideshow of 72 pictures that I took from a November 2007 hike across the Yehudiya forest canyons ending up at the Bircat HaMeshushim (Hexagonal Pool) in the Golan Heights of Northern Israel. Please allow 15-45 seconds for the 6mb presentation to load depending upon your connection...

Tags: hike tiyul israel golan heights pictures images flash animation november 2007 canyon deep pool hexagonal yehudiya forest trail travel guide tour bircat hameshushim

Added: 18th September 2008
Posted By: israelhistorian
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This is a neat 30-minute film made by Air France (but in English) to promote Israel in 1951. Clearly a more Israel-friendly France existed at that time targeting American Jews looking to visit the newly-forming State of Israel. Wonderful images!

Tags: flight israel 1951 archive rare film air france planes promotional tourism travel images french commercial

Added: 30th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Four American comedians travel to Israel to tell jokes across the Holy Land - five shows in four cities.

Tags: comedy comedian tour travel crossroads jokes israel standup comic funny satire stage live performance laugh
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