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Added: 27th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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This is a remarkably-subtle video satire about two Israeli businessmen who survive a nuclear devastation of Tel-Aviv and emerge to a obliterated world. If you understand Israeli culture - you will get the sharp parody of modern Israeli culture and thinking! Quite funny, too!

Tags: israel satire spoof parody comedy nuclear war winter devastation total survivor business men modern culture tel aviv denial hebrew ivrit english caption

Added: 9th December 2007
Posted By: isranews
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The Golan Olive Oil Mill has brought back the traditional Jewish business of olive oil production to the Golan Heights. The area is filled with ruins of ancient olive oil presses going back thousands of years. A great story of a modern press operating in the Golan today.

Tags: ancient olive oil process industry business golan heights mill press news feature story jewish business

Added: 30th November 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Warren Edward Buffett (b. August 30, 1930, Omaha, Nebraska), often called the "Sage of Omaha", is an American investor, businessperson and philanthropist. Buffett has amassed an enormous fortune from astute investments managed through the holding company Berkshire Hathaway, of which he is the...

Tags: warren buffett interview israel investor investment venture capital acquisition stock market commerce industry business billionaire

Added: 4th November 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Well-produced and fast-action 90-second commercial from EL-AL Airlines showing the production process of the new Boeing 777s being manufactured for EL-AL.

Tags: commercial promotion advertisement elal airline airplane airport travel trip vacation return aliyah business journey destination israel jerusalem tel aviv ben gurion new york miami

Added: 8th May 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Outsourcing nightmare comes true in this classic skit from Saturday Night Live....forward this to the tzaddik Howard Jonas

Tags: outsourcing business offshore india nightmare saturday night live commerical spoof satire parody hilarious
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