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Added: 7th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Tarzan Son of Man Disney in Hebrew - brings back memories and super way for kids to learn Hebrew - since they know the lyrics in English.

Tags: tarzan son of man disney hebrew ivrit cartoon animated ulpan jungle

Added: 1st February 2010
Posted By: Mendel
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Charlie's mom captured this funny musical moment today, Feb. 01, 2010. Charlie is 4 y/o and already bests his father in entertaining.

Tags: kids, mensch, music, mitzvah

Added: 13th December 2009
Posted By: Schreiber
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Acting for the video

Tags: Baby

Added: 6th November 2009
Posted By: ddurango02
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This is a video done for a school on their last day at an assembly. Zichronot Video Productions

Tags: ay karsh awesome cool funny

Added: 5th November 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Shalom Street is a hands on children's Jewish cultural museum. Celebrating 6 years of innovative programming, this short video will take you inside all of the fun. Shalom Street is a program of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit's Alliance for Jewish Education.

Tags: shalom street jewish kids children cultural museum innovative programming detroit federation education

Added: 25th October 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Matisyahu came to Israel and did a special Bit-Box version with Moyshe Ufnik (Sesame Street).

Tags: matisyahu israel bit box version one day moyshe ufnik sesame street

Added: 24th October 2009
Posted By: isratoons
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After Aladdin entered the cave of wonders and got stuck inside it eventually, he releases the Genie from the lamp, so this is Aladdin (and the Genie) in the classic scene "Friend Like Me" in Hebrew.

Tags: aladdin animated disney cartoon cave wonders hebrew genie scene friend like me

Added: 12th October 2009
Posted By: RadioJudia
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Yakov Lopez, a Jewish kid brings, this TV channel loaded with kids stuff... music, books, puppets, and more... visit it at: Livestream.com/Jewishkidstv/beta

Tags: Jewish, kids
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