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Added: 8th March 2009
Posted By: holyparty
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Mitzvah Mouse Rocks the Purim House - Everyones favorite purple mouse sings the rock'in Purim song, 'Who's Behind the Mask?' So put on your disguises and sing along with Mitzvah as he re-tells the story of Purim!

Tags: mitzvah mouse rocks purim house children kids holiday celebration who behind mask disguises fun song sing along story chinuch puppets show

Added: 16th February 2009
Posted By: teachyou
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In another of an amazing series of flash cartoon movies on the teachings of the Kaballah (ancient Jewish mystical teachings) - learn how to Play the Universe via the science of a resonance chamber (or rubber band) - source: chabad.org

Tags: flash movie cartoon teachings education children kids adults kaballah chabad mystical deep insights life lessons learn play universe resonance chamber theory rubber band amazing

Added: 14th February 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Boca Raton Veshinantam - A beautiful program at the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida, where parents and children learn Torah and spend quality time together on Saturday nights. (video by BoxerBros)

Tags: boca raton synagogue brs florida veshinantam beautiful program parents kids children learn torah quality time together motzei shabbas saturday nights

Added: 25th December 2008
Posted By: Sharon
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The Katz Kids are the world's best sports. The blessed rain had us stuck in the house, so while they might have wanted to make latkes, they went along with Ema and made a funny movie. Thanks to all those who hammed it up (can we say that on a Jewish website) for Ema.

Tags: chanukah funny kids music sharon katz simcha mishpacha family celebration

Added: 11th December 2008
Posted By: mishpacha
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Animated Lullaby in Yiddish Song by Efim Chornij. Animator Elizabeth Skvortsova.

Tags: animated lullaby cartoon yiddish song children colors soothing

Added: 1st September 2008
Posted By: Sharon
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Shir Tehilla (Shiri for short) loves learning Torah and teaching it too. In this clip, Avraham discovers there is only One G-d Above.

Tags: shiri tehila katz bible torah sharon series amazing teacher chinuch children kids cute avraham abraham first jewish leader unity hashem

Added: 5th August 2008
Posted By: teachyou
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Lost in a Space Suit from Kabbala Toons: Episode XVII - "You are Not Your Spacesuit" - in this amazing series of animated lessons from Jewish mystical tradition (Kaballah) - we learn that, just like a spacesuit protects you in space, your physical body is necessary to exist in this world but it...

Tags: kaballah cartoons animated life lesson jewish mystical tradition lost space suit protection analogy mashal physical material body world shell true essence neshama divine soul chassidus chassidut chabad rabbi tzvi freeman

Added: 23rd July 2008
Posted By: israelhillmusic
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One of the icons of Jewish music is Dov Shurin - and his song "Zachreini Na" ("Please Remember Me" - from Samson's last plea for strength to conquer the Jewish enemies) has become a virtual Jewish anthem for the holy and brave settlers, who must contend not only with arab terror but with Jewish...

Tags: dov shurin zachreini wedding video simshon samson posuk verse quote dancing joy settlers kids chupah remember orange
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