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Added: 26th July 2009
Posted By: elrom
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Tillyke Lene og Mette

Tags: Tillyke

Added: 11th October 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
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One of the old classic animated films from Disney was "Aristocats". Here is rare Hebrew version of this wonderful old animated feature.

Tags: disney hebrew movie cartoon animation animals aristocats funny comedy holy language movie scene film cinema children

Added: 9th March 2010
Posted By: thatrobguy
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OyBaby is the first DVD made especially for Jewish babies and toddlers. It combines stimulating imagery with beautiful and fun Hebrew songs to create a rich Jewish experience for children six months and up. The DVD is a colorful medley of Judaica, toys, puppets, nature, and kids at play....

Tags: Baby,gift, DVD, kids,toddler,bris,jewish baby naming

Added: 12th July 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Kids Need Our Time - Why we need to spend more time with our kids...very touching..

Tags: children kids family relationships quality time focus attention parenting priorities

Added: 10th March 2010
Posted By: brachabob
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The #1 Jewish Girls Camp in Atlanta GA

Tags: Girls Summer Camp jewish atlanta georgia

Added: 25th October 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Matisyahu came to Israel and did a special Bit-Box version with Moyshe Ufnik (Sesame Street).

Tags: matisyahu israel bit box version one day moyshe ufnik sesame street

Added: 11th October 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
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Disney in Hebrew is great fun and awesome way for kids (and adults) to learn the Holy Tongue. Here is a funny and fun scene from the Emperor's New Groove.

Tags: disney hebrew movie cartoon animation emperor new groove funny comedy holy language movie scene film cinema children

Added: 14th February 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Boca Raton Veshinantam - A beautiful program at the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida, where parents and children learn Torah and spend quality time together on Saturday nights. (video by BoxerBros)

Tags: boca raton synagogue brs florida veshinantam beautiful program parents kids children learn torah quality time together motzei shabbas saturday nights
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