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Added: 14th February 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Boca Raton Veshinantam - A beautiful program at the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida, where parents and children learn Torah and spend quality time together on Saturday nights. (video by BoxerBros)

Tags: boca raton synagogue brs florida veshinantam beautiful program parents kids children learn torah quality time together motzei shabbas saturday nights

Added: 12th October 2009
Posted By: RadioJudia
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Yakov Lopez, a Jewish kid brings, this TV channel loaded with kids stuff... music, books, puppets, and more... visit it at: Livestream.com/Jewishkidstv/beta

Tags: Jewish, kids

Added: 22nd June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Lion King II's "One Person" in Hebrew from Disney

Tags: disney lion king sequel song one person hebrew ivrit cartoon fun kids children entertainment

Added: 7th June 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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How to Stay Positive - see the most positive kid on the planet - there are tremendous lessons here for living life - if you can do this every day in the mirror - you will feel as young and positive as this child.

Tags: howto stay positive personal affirmations gratitude seeing good self esteem worth child amazing

Added: 11th December 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Here is another great animated classic translated into Hebrew. This song is called "I'm still here" and has really deep lyrics - here is a portion in translation: "Just you alone will see me/My inside and my meaning/Who am I? I'm not afraid/Only to you i'll say what's within me/The man in my...

Tags: treasure planet disney animated cartoon hebrew ivrit lyrics song singing beautiful neshama soul children learn language

Added: 20th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Spiederman - The Adventures of the Jewish Web Slinger!

Tags: jewish web slinger parody spoof satire spiderman spiederman adventures cartoon animation

Added: 3rd April 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Source unknown. A short piece of a 'supposed' early version of Disney's The Lion King that was deemed 'too Jewish' by test audiences...!

Tags: spoof satire parody disney lion king passover pesach seder song dayeinu edition comedy clip

Added: 11th October 2007
Posted By: moviejewie
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One of the old classic animated films from Disney was "Aristocats". Here is rare Hebrew version of this wonderful old animated feature.

Tags: disney hebrew movie cartoon animation animals aristocats funny comedy holy language movie scene film cinema children
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