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Added: 26th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Canada's Consulate in New York hosts an evening of cutting edge Jewish tailoring and kosher food.

Tags: nyc jewish tailoring kosher food canadian consulate manhattan evening food

Added: 11th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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After years of struggle and negotiation - the first real kosher McDonalds opened in the main central Jerusalem bus station with McDonalds taken truly unprecedented steps including changing the classic red to a more kosher looking blue and even removing the classic yellow arches - check it out!...

Tags: first real kosher mcdonalds mckosher restaurant food central jerusalem bus station hamburgers blue colors no arches

Added: 4th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Holy Cow! Kosher Beef Jerky - The Story of America's Favorite Kosher Beef Jerky. That's right, you've asked for it and it's finally here. Not only is Holy Cow! Kosher beef jerky made from the best all natural ingredients, but it is also glatt kosher and USDA certified. One...

Tags: food holy cow kosher beef jerky flash video promotional orthodox union kashrut healthy delicious children snack

Added: 12th January 2010
Posted By: isralife
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The Hummus War - The Lebanese 2 ton world record for largest hummus dish did not hold long, the Israeli Arab village of Abu gosh reclaimed the title with a [very smelly] 4 ton result.

Tags: hummus war world record israeli arabs lebanon abu gosh largest dish four 4 tons food fun

Added: 19th November 2009
Posted By: KosherChef
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Kosher Fest 2009 - Kosher food, kosher cooking, and kosher weirdness have never been as good - or as crazy - as they are at KosherFest. From baby cuisine ("cuisine"?) to pancakes-in-a-can (they're organic!), Heshy Fried of FrumSatire.net takes us on a wild ride through the jungle...

Tags: kosherfest festival 2009 food cooking meals heshy fried frumsatire tour conference

Added: 22nd October 2009
Posted By: mishpacha
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Hazon Jewish Food Conference 2008 - Sasha Perry reports from the Jewish Food Conference in Monterrey, California.

Tags: hazon jewish food conference 2008 jta video feature sasha perry monterrey california kosher

Added: 11th September 2009
Posted By: Sharon
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VOICES TV presents food expert Sue Epstein's first cooking show. She's cool and she's a culinary expert - Sue's Cool-inary show. Read Sue's column and see her new show at www.voices-magazine.com.

Tags: food recipes culinary cooking show chef Israel Voices Sue Epstein Sharon Katz

Added: 22nd July 2009
Posted By: kosherchannel
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Squeeze a lemon, chop some garlic and voila! in minutes you'll have an easy, fresh vinaigrette dressing, sauce or marinade. ~from thekosherchannel.com

Tags: salad dressing vinaigrette kosher recipe cooking king
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