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Added: 10th March 2009
Posted By: jewflix
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Esther and Purim Story Full Length Movie (Part 1 of 10) - The plot of Purim is a great tale produced here in a full-length, and true-life cinema setting. There is a beautiful, courageous heroine, an all powerful king, a loyal cousin, and a villain who gets foiled by his own evil plans. Once upon...

Tags: purim full length feature complete movie film esther mordechai shushan persia king ahasuerus feasts queen vashti party haman evil plans decrees adar foiled plot hidden divine providence megillah reading gifts food friends needy tzedakah charity seudah

Added: 6th July 2008
Posted By: KosherChef
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New Jewish Cuisine chef Jeff Nathan joins Teresa to make a traditional chocolate Hamentashen for your friends and family on the Homestyles show. HomeStyles is a warm and inviting contemporary guide to celebrating Judaism in the home with family and friends. The series is hosted by the nationally...

Tags: kosher chocolate hamantaschens chef jeff nathan homestyles show teresa strasser desert yummy purim holiday food traditional recipe instructions guide

Added: 4th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Holy Cow! Kosher Beef Jerky - The Story of America's Favorite Kosher Beef Jerky. That's right, you've asked for it and it's finally here. Not only is Holy Cow! Kosher beef jerky made from the best all natural ingredients, but it is also glatt kosher and USDA certified. One...

Tags: food holy cow kosher beef jerky flash video promotional orthodox union kashrut healthy delicious children snack

Added: 18th June 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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A very cool print ad image spoof of called Absolut Purim, a takeoff on the legendary vodka advertisement from Saatchi - imagine vodka-soaked hamataschens!

Tags: magazine print ad image saatchi agency absolut purim vodka takeoff hamataschens food drink

Added: 30th June 2008
Posted By: KosherChef
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This top-rated series is the only kosher cooking show on television. Join Chef Jeff Nathan while he shares stories, anecdotes and experiences all while preparing his signature gourmet kosher dishes. Jeff Nathan, Master Chef of Abigael's on Broadway, one of Manhattan's top kosher restaurants,...

Tags: kosher food cooking lessons tutor series television chef jeff nathan experience gourmet dish abigael broadway brisket chanukah potato latkas food meal delicious tutor education expert

Added: 26th December 2008
Posted By: holyparty
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And when the meal is done, get ready for that most tempting of Chanukah staples: the jelly doughnut. This holiday season, one avant-garde confectioner is putting his own unique stamp on the tasty tradition. We visited Mark Isreal's lower east side Doughnut Plant, and got a behind-the-scenes look...

Tags: mark isreal lower east side new york city donut doughnut factory plant tour jelly desserts chanukah traditional food staple

Added: 11th August 2007
Posted By: mishpacha
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In this amazing series of videos, our Jewish grandma cooking guide "Bubbie" shows how to cook the best Latkes (potato pancakes) in the world.

Tags: family cooking eat meal kitchen potato pancake teach lesson learn bubbie jewish tradition grand mother

Added: 3rd August 2008
Posted By: KosherChef
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Thank Hashem Thanksgiving Feast Gourmet kosher chef Jeff Nathan prepares a special roasted Thankgiving Turkey with a unique Challah and Mushroom Stuffing. As Chef Nathan says: "Everyday is Thanksgiving Day in the Jewish religion!"

Tags: kosher food cooking recipes lessons tutor series television chef jeff nathan experience gourmet dish abigael broadway thanksgiving turkey unique challah mushroom stuffing feast food meal delicious tutor education expert
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