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Added: 24th June 2009
Posted By: vicsvoice
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Tongue-in-cheek commercial in Hebrew intended to comment on how Western fast food is now preferred to more traditional Israeli food in Israel.

Tags: commercial food voice over demo fast food

Added: 11th June 2009
Posted By: shlomo
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Audio: What Obama was REALLY Saying - A7 Radio's "The Tamar Yonah Show" interview with WeJew Founder Shlomo Wollins discuss the speech that U.S. President Obama gave this last week in Cairo. As Tamar plays some audio clips, they both peer through the cosmetic words Obama uses,...

Tags: audio mp3 news barack obama president united states speech cairo egypt analysis commentary middle east peace process expert opinion shlomo wollins

Added: 4th June 2009
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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Caroline Glick receives the 'Guardian of Zion' award and speaks about the ultimate battlefield: Jerusalem! This is a critical 20-minute lecture recorded by Yishai Fleischer of IsraelNationalRadio.com

Tags: caroline glick guardian zion jerusalem speech lecture battlefield jerusalem israel capital award winner commentary middle east politics expert opinion

Added: 18th May 2009
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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MP3 AudioCast: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival - A7 Radio's "The Tovia Singer Show" - Aaron Klein's powerful new book, "The Late Great State of Israel," may be the most important work written on Israel in years. Klein, the...

Tags: aaron klein world net daily jerusalem bureau chief reporter journalist author terrorists shmoozing interview podcast showhost tovia singer arutz sheva

Added: 11th May 2009
Posted By: akivam
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Traditional Lag B'Omer Music

Tags: lag bomer music rashbi meron

Added: 23rd April 2009
Posted By: Volvi
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This is the audio file of same song with musical instruments. No visual but definitely better audio.

Tags: Sol A Kakash Mar Kaliver Rav Audio

Added: 24th March 2009
Posted By: avirach
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Very funny and true audio about BandH. Good publicity on a cable network talk show. It's true about the returns dept.

Tags: electronics shopping B&H new york chassidim funny

Added: 24th March 2009
Posted By: shlomo
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What we are experiencing today in the news, is of biblical proportions and would have been recorded in the Torah. Tamar speaks with Shlomo Wollins from WeJew.com and discuss miracles happening before our eyes that people cannot see because some are suffering in a present-day plague of darkness....

Tags: modern miracles plagues redemption aliyah messages hashem shlomo wollins wejew founder commentary analysis opinion biblical proportions torah history aliyah talk show host tamar yonah
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