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Added: 20th March 2009
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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Audio: America's Abandonment of Israel - A7 Radio's 'Weekend Edition' with Tamar Yonah - Doug Hagmann from the Northeast Intelligence Network tells us that Washington and the International Community are planning a strategic abandonment of Israel. His interview with a US intelligence agent tells...

Tags: america usa abandonment israel strategic ally relationship tamar yonah national radio interview shocker doug hagmann northeast intelligence network washington obama administration betrayal war middle east global politics arab appeasement

Added: 9th March 2009
Posted By: MelechbnArieh
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This is the very song I picture we will sing when we all give karbonot (offerigngs) at the 3rd Beit HaMikdash (Temple).

Tags: music male solo artist top performances spiritual, kabbalah piano vocals new music artist Hebrew songs

Added: 1st March 2009
Posted By: akivam
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Prodezra - Beats L'Shem Shamayim presents a free track from his forthcoming album.

Tags: prodezra beats rap chassidic hassidic niggun chabad lubavitch

Added: 22nd February 2009
Posted By: dudefromdabronx
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A piano waltz I wrote at age 13. It's my first copyright.

Tags: Danny Maccabe Waltz In A

Added: 21st February 2009
Posted By: dudefromdabronx
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Short Orchestral Work.

Tags: Danny Maccabee Afternoon Central Park

Added: 18th February 2009
Posted By: MelechbnArieh
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This is the track on Chabad.org. This was a dedication to the Mumbai Victims. We miss them...

Tags: keli atah chassidic kabballah jewish music band world classical mumbai victims dedication mp3 tragedy memorial

Added: 18th February 2009
Posted By: MelechbnArieh
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First song on my new CD...Enjoy

Tags: world jewish classical chassidic kaballah new song release cd

Added: 10th February 2009
Posted By: teruah
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From the musical - Little Love in Big Manhattan.

Tags: music theater yiddish little love big manhattan
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