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Added: 6th February 2009
Posted By: shlomo
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In this eye-opening interview conducted by Tovia Singer of IsraelNationalRadio.com, Shlomo Wollins, founder of WEJEW.com, a well-known, on-scene activist/journalist, explores Likud's disturbing track record and reveals that this so called 'rightwing party' repeatedly betrayed its founding mandate...

Tags: wejew founder shlomo wollins radio interview israel national showhost tovia singer 2009 israeli elections likud history betrayal bib netanyahu false promises shamir begin sharon opinion expert commentary moshe feiglin predictions warning palestinian state commentary

Added: 1st January 2009
Posted By: teachyou
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The Slander of Israel and its Trigger for Anti-Semitism - Rabbi Singer exposes how leading journalists deliberately manipulate their news coverage on the Middle East conflict in order to depict Israel as an apartheid state that brutalizes an innocent Palestinian society. These biased reporters...

Tags: rabbi tovia singer outreach judaism radio talk show host slander israel media bias trigger antisemitism journalists manipulation facts news coverage middle east

Added: 4th November 2008
Posted By: israelnationalradio
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Two important and deep-thinking politicians in Israel are Dr. Aryeh Eldad and Moshe Feiglin. Despite sensing the same dangers with the current government policies, each has taken a unique course in the political realm. Listen to this two-part interview from IsraelNationalRadio.com (aired Nov....

Tags: moshe feiglin aryeh eldad knesset israeli hatikvah secular nationalist party likud jewish leadership faction elections 2009

Added: 3rd November 2008
Posted By: rebdovidle
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BARCHY NAFSHY, MY SOUL BLESSES THE LORD - I will sing to G-d as long as I am alive. Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Psalm 104 of King David and Prayer when Donning the Tallis.

Tags: reb dovidle david davies psalms jewish music

Added: 2nd November 2008
Posted By: rebdovidle
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ASHREY, "PRAISEWORTHY" - We bless G-d from now and forever, Halleluyah! Hebrew lyrics excerpts from Psalm 145 of King David.

Tags: psalms reb dovidle david davies jewish music guitar psalm 145 mp3

Added: 8th October 2008
Posted By: ourtorah
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A moving and deep recording of the Jewish Kol Nidrei prayer service that opens up the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) ceremony. This prayer is where the Jewish nation is cleansed of oaths and swears unfulfilled so that each individual can stand in front of Hashem in teshuva (repentance), and have a...

Tags: deep beautiful moving spiritual podcast mp3 yom kippur prayer service fast kol nidrei oaths swears promises

Added: 18th August 2008
Posted By: rebshlomomusic
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An incredible, life-changing story by the greatest Jewish storyteller and songwriter, Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach (16 minutes long). A man who wants children goes to his Rebbe who sends him into an amazing journey into the woods and into his own soul.

Tags: rebbes shlomo carlebach story podcast mp3 children barren wife schvartzer black wolf lamed vav tzaddikim 36 holy righteous people inner journey mashal neshama

Added: 17th August 2008
Posted By: shlomo
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Listen to what happened with a Christian radio talk show host on "The Master of the Way" syndicated program attempted to convert Rabbi and counter-missionary activist Tovia Singer live on the air! The program's topic is "Jews for Jesus" and see what happens! Rabbi Tovia Singer is a...

Tags: rabbi tovia singer live radio show debate attempt convert christianity radio talk show host master way program counter missionary activist amazing shocking mp3 podcast audio
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