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Added: 18th August 2008
Posted By: rebshlomomusic
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An incredible, life-changing story by the greatest Jewish storyteller and songwriter, Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach (16 minutes long). A man who wants children goes to his Rebbe who sends him into an amazing journey into the woods and into his own soul.

Tags: rebbes shlomo carlebach story podcast mp3 children barren wife schvartzer black wolf lamed vav tzaddikim 36 holy righteous people inner journey mashal neshama

Added: 18th January 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Tsafrir Ronen tells the raw truth about the situation in Israel during this interview conducted by Yishai Fleisher of israelnationalradio.com! Tsafrir Ronen is a kibbutz founder and former member of the Sayeret Matkal elite reconnaissance unit who established the Nahalal Forum of Labor Zionists...

Tags: interview radio audio tsafrir tzafrir ronen israel raw truth situation matzav analysis opinion commentary zionist land leader activist

Added: 31st December 2007
Posted By: wallysoc
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Rare audio recording of Jewish Al Jolson singing what became the national anthem of the modern State of Israel: "The Hatikvah" ("The Hope"). Here is some biographic info on this showbiz legend: Al Jolson (May 26, 1886 - October 23, 1950) was a highly acclaimed American singer, comedian and actor...

Tags: hatikvah jolson rare audio recording national anthem israel archive classic

Added: 18th February 2009
Posted By: MelechbnArieh
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First song on my new CD...Enjoy

Tags: world jewish classical chassidic kaballah new song release cd

Added: 17th August 2008
Posted By: shlomo
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Listen to what happened with a Christian radio talk show host on "The Master of the Way" syndicated program attempted to convert Rabbi and counter-missionary activist Tovia Singer live on the air! The program's topic is "Jews for Jesus" and see what happens! Rabbi Tovia Singer is a...

Tags: rabbi tovia singer live radio show debate attempt convert christianity radio talk show host master way program counter missionary activist amazing shocking mp3 podcast audio

Added: 21st October 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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Adon Haslichot is in Hebrew and means 'Master of Forgivness' - this phrase is used throughout the time of repentance during Elul - and is one of the most appealing of Israeli Sephardic spiritual songs.

Tags: israel niggun song music beautiful adon selichot master forgiveness torah sephardi traditional elul awe repentance rosh hashana holiday

Added: 17th September 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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One of the most popular in Israel among the orange youth among Jewish musicians is Adi Ran. His music is raw and rocks, and yet is full of deep spiritual yearning. Here is a sample of one of his earlier songs.

Tags: jewish music adi ran chassid holy sound hebrew niggun song

Added: 14th July 2008
Posted By: israelhillmusic
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"Ein Od Milvado" and Shivi Keller's new third album: "I am a river who purifies all stains" is expected to arrive IY'H next week at the stores distributed by Hindik Productions. Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to listen to an exclusive excerpt from the song "I Have Won and I Shall Win" which...

Tags: shivi keller ani nahar river new compact disc niggunim sample excerpt album ein milvado nachman breslov shir songs beautiful original holy
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