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Added: 8th November 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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The Jewish Brigade - rare and stirring archive footage of Jewish soldiers - do you know what the year and/or location of these video clips? If so, pls comment below so we can add that information to the description.

Tags: jewish brigade soldiers chayalim archive black white rare video clips footage army military

Added: 30th October 2009
Posted By: wehavehistory
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Dr. Hawass shows the Egyptian restorations at the Jewish Synagogue of Moses Ben Maimon (the Rambam) - Dr Zahi Hawass takes us on a tour of the restorations taking place at the Jewish Synagogue of Moses Ben Maimon. Dr Hawass explains that since taking his post as Director of the SCA, he has made a...

Tags: egyptian zahi hawass restorations jewish synagogue moses ben maimon rambam archaeology history

Added: 29th October 2009
Posted By: israelhistorian
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British General Allenby entering in Jerusalem 1917

Tags: history archive video footage british general allenby entrance jerusalem 1917

Added: 19th October 2009
Posted By: israelhistorian
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A rare archive video of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir at press conference with Anwar Sadat in 1977 having a personal and candid discussion about her desire for peace with Egypt. Over three decades later, both Sadat and the peace process have been assassinated by arab anti-semitism.

Tags: israeli prime minister press conference 1977 golda meir egyptian leader anwar sadat peace

Added: 14th October 2009
Posted By: wehavehistory
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Michael Freikman, a acrhaeology Phd. candidate from Hebrew University led a excavation expedition to the Golan at Rujm el Hiri. With the idea of dating the site, once and for all, we discovered many Calcolithic artifacts, including this grinding stone set from a ridge dwelling. It now resides at...

Tags: recovering grinding stone golan israel archaeology excavation expedition hebrew univeristy michael freikman calcolithic artifacts

Added: 13th October 2009
Posted By: israelhistorian
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Old films from Israel - Region of Galilee (1919 - 1938+)

Tags: israel history rare archive footage old films galilee region 1919 1938 black white

Added: 24th September 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
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This great sage and Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein takes on a journey through Jewish history. (source: jewishhistory.org)

Tags: wisdom history rabbi berel wein jewish journey past

Added: 18th September 2009
Posted By: israelhistorian
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Virtual Tour of History of Israel - amazing timeline of geographics rulerships in Middle East throughout history.

Tags: virtual tour middle east history israel timeline maps geographic countries animation
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