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Added: 24th July 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Video tribute on Ilan Ramon of blessed memory, the first Israeli astronaut, who died in the crash of the Columbia space shuttle.

Tags: israel hero astronaut death space shuttle accident pilot idf tribute memorial

Added: 23rd October 2007
Posted By: holyparty
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This is a video of Amazing Israeli Heroes. They risked their lives and made tremendous sacrifices to defend the safety and security of their country. There are no words to describe how tremendous these boys are. The video is a must see. http://www.massehnissim.org - to send the soldiers a message...

Tags: idf israel defense forces injured wounded jewish soldiers hero amazing story survival recovery hope amazing assist donate support help

Added: 5th May 2008
Posted By: Couzens
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When Michael Levin made the ultimate sacrifice for Israel in the Lebanon/Israeli War last summer, it was not in vain. In this slideshow, we see the Abram's graduating class dedicate a Torah in Michael's honor, and donate it to the IDF paratroopers who fought alongside Michael. The next day, we...

Tags: Michael Levin Israel IDF Abrams Middle School Jewish

Added: 6th August 2008
Posted By: isralife
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This is a movie that was made from a point of view of an Israeli kid, who sees the people around him inlisting to the army, some of them did not come back. This is for the our soldiers.

Tags: israel soliders standing strong idf defense forces heroes army military chayalim tribute memorial presentation

Added: 11th December 2008
Posted By: isralife
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A Tribute to the Modern State of Israel - Recently we reached a significant milestone in our modern history, and that was the sixtieth birthday of the State of Israel. Even though the Jewish people and the land of Israel as a Jewish country goes way farther back than sixty years, it is still...

Tags: modern israeli state 60th sixtieth anniversary milestone jewish people eretz yisrael holocaust soldiers heroes defense forces gibburim

Added: 11th January 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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Hamas Map Found in Operation - Hamas turn a Gaza neighborhood into a warzone. This map, confiscated Wednesday (Jan. 7) by IDF paratroopers operating in the north of Gaza, shows how Hamas uses an entire neighborhood, rigging it with explosive devices and putting the entire civilian population at...

Tags: human shields hamas gaza strip operation cast lead map operation neighborhood civilian war zone booby traps idf israel defense forces

Added: 5th February 2009
Posted By: orangetruth
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Shocking and heart-breaking audio from Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit, who has been held in horrid captivity in a Gaza Strip dungeon for 956 days (as of February 5th, 2009) after being kidnapped. His words are in Hebrew and here is the English translation: 'I am the soldier Gilad, son of Noam...

Tags: audio israeli hostage kidnapping gilad shalit shocking captivity gaza strip hamas soldier chayalim father noam corporal

Added: 6th February 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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IDF After Fighting - even IDF soldiers have to have a bit of relaxation and fun in between breaks in fighting the terror armies that surround Israel.

Tags: idf israeli defense forces soldiers chayalim rest relaxation fun breaks fighting wars battles
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