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Added: 29th January 2009
Posted By: mechif
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A remarkable open letter entitled: 'Open Letter to a Citizen of Gaza' written by a reserve soldier who slept in their home during Operation Cast Lead. In flash format - scroll down to read letter (posted by Mechi Fendel of Sderot)

Tags: open letter pdf citizen gaza strip operation cast lead kassam rockets civilian support decisions future

Added: 24th December 2008
Posted By: gosderot
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Report from Sderot - A helicopter flight to Sderot to hear and see first hand the pyschological terror brought upon the residents by palestinian rockets attacks - over 10,000 in the last 8 years!

Tags: sderot human crisis rockets kassam missiles hamas palestinian attacks psychological trauma report helicopter flight

Added: 20th February 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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IDF training against poison gas attack that might occur in the next mass missile attack from either Hamas in Gaza or Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel is not surrounded by massive missile arrays from several countries that have an stated policy to destroy Israel (G-d forbid!) - note that Syria has...

Tags: idf israeli defense forces training exercise drill prevention poison gas attack arab enemies gas masks war middle east jewish army threats arab terror nations hamas hizbullah syria

Added: 7th May 2007
Posted By: israelreporter
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Amateur video records Katyusha missile strike on Israeli city of Haifa during summer war of 2006. The missile directly hit an apartment building. The footage is graphic - viewer discretion advised.

Tags: israel war terror missile haifa

Added: 6th January 2009
Posted By: akivam
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Israel Homefront Command presents: What to do in case Kassam Missiles rain down on your town.

Tags: israel kassam qassam idf homefront missile rocket mortar citizen preparation video

Added: 14th January 2009
Posted By: IsraelWarrior
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Weaponized Mosque - Cast Lead: Weapons and Cannon Found in Gazan Mosque - Video taken by IDF forces in the Gaza Strip, reveals how Hamas terrorists were using a mosque, traditionally a place of worship, as a weapons depot and an area of operation.

Tags: idf israeli defense forces evidence video operation cast lead weapons storage cache gazan mosque terrorists human religious shields arms depot

Added: 17th December 2008
Posted By: gosderot
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The central shopping square in Sderot was hit by a major Kassam missile strike, causing major damage at the Victory Supermarket and injuring several residents. The windows in numerous cars were blown out as the Hamas "ceasefire" comes to a close. (source: sderotmedia.com)

Tags: kassam rocket missile attack victory supermarket sderot december 2008 ceasefire

Added: 2nd September 2007
Posted By: peacepartner
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The "educational" systems for children among the arabs in the Middle East include weapons training, virulent antisemitic hatred, and psychological training to view the Israel and the Jewish People as "occupying zionist enemies".

Tags: jihad education school terror arab evidence antisemitism zionist israel jewish people hamas hizbullah fatah gaza
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