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heroes - Most Recent

Irena Sendler Story
Added: 05 Nov 09
Views: 532
From: shoahstories

Harmony for Humanity Concert IMO Daniel Pearl
Added: 30 Oct 09
Views: 293
From: israhero

From Football Goal to Ultimate Goal
Added: 21 Oct 09
Views: 220
From: loneligirl

Assaf Ramon Finishes Flight School
Added: 15 Sep 09
Views: 370
From: israhero

Moe Berg Double Life Baseball Player and WWII Spy
Added: 23 Jul 09
Views: 2203
From: israhero

The Inner Soul of Jonathan Pollard Speaks To You
Added: 20 Jul 09
Views: 404
From: shlomo

The Journey to Golda's Balcony Life Play
Added: 20 Jul 09
Views: 628
From: israhero

Miracles in Gaza
Added: 19 Jul 09
Views: 20689
From: ketyego

The Amazing Life of Jewish Heroine Ruth Gruber
Added: 19 Jul 09
Views: 812
From: israhero

What Is A Jewish Hero - The Triumph of Spirit
Added: 14 Jul 09
Views: 482
From: loneligirl

Gilad Shalit Video Love At 1000 Days
Added: 07 Jul 09
Views: 243
From: IsraelWarrior

Actual Voice Plea from Gilad Shalit for Twitter Day
Added: 25 Jun 09
Views: 1550
From: Yarden

Obama Has His Own Illegal Outpost!
Added: 10 Jun 09
Views: 3885
From: tyon

Survivor Elie Weisel Loses Millions to Madoff
Added: 06 Jun 09
Views: 700
From: Yarden

How to Raise a Hero in Hamas Society
Added: 15 Feb 09
Views: 244
From: peacepartner

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Instant Arab Celeb
Added: 16 Dec 08
Views: 385
From: peacepartner

Esther Jungries Messiah Footsteps
Added: 23 Oct 08
Views: 2550
From: ourtorah

The Siege of Masada Exposed
Added: 18 Sep 08
Views: 665
From: israelhistorian

Japanese Holocaust Hero
Added: 26 Mar 08
Views: 3308
From: shoahstories

Virtual Chanukah Rabbi
Added: 10 Dec 07
Views: 338
From: Yarden

Special Flag Raised by POWs
Added: 23 Oct 07
Views: 238
From: isranews
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