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heroes - Recently Featured

Can You Hear Us
Added: 11 Jun 15
Views: 215
From: WeJew

IDF Proud Tribute Power Video
Added: 04 Oct 11
Views: 536
From: WeJew

Hero Irena Sendler and The Apple Tree
Added: 03 Oct 11
Views: 508
From: WeJew

A Sderot Star Is Born In Israel
Added: 19 Aug 11
Views: 396
From: WeJew

Official Israeli Navy Video Promo
Added: 02 Aug 11
Views: 245
From: WeJew

Meet First Israeli Born NBA Player Omri Casspi
Added: 12 Jun 11
Views: 280
From: WeJew

Yom HaZikaron 5771 Israel Memorial Day
Added: 08 May 11
Views: 939
From: WeJew

Our IDF Tribute Video Yom HaZikaron
Added: 06 May 11
Views: 986
From: WeJew

Tamar Fogel Survives Terror in Strength
Added: 23 Mar 11
Views: 2147
From: WeJew

Hero Chris Medina Miracle Story and World Fame
Added: 28 Jan 11
Views: 304
From: WeJew

Hero Winton Meets Children He Saved From Nazis
Added: 24 Dec 10
Views: 552
From: WeJew

Global Hero Feeds Poor and Nourishes Souls
Added: 11 Dec 10
Views: 109
From: WeJew

Zaka Heroes Risk Life Fighting Israel Blaze
Added: 03 Dec 10
Views: 1003
From: WeJew

Canadian PM Harper Israel Hero Clip
Added: 19 Nov 10
Views: 209
From: WeJew

Mike Huckabee Hearts Israel and the Jews
Added: 17 Nov 10
Views: 242
From: WeJew

Meet Zacharia - A Jewish Musical Miracle
Added: 15 Nov 10
Views: 383
From: WeJew

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