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heroes - Top Rated

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Instant Arab Celeb
Added: 16 Dec 08
Views: 385
From: peacepartner

The Amazing Life of Jewish Heroine Ruth Gruber
Added: 19 Jul 09
Views: 811
From: israhero

Shlomi Shabat IDF Music Video Tribute
Added: 12 Aug 10
Views: 599
From: WeJew

INR Shevathon Promo - Burt West
Added: 02 Feb 10
Views: 1789
From: BurtWest

Zehava Dances on the Edge of Life
Added: 16 Nov 09
Views: 1721
From: howjewsdance

Standing Together (Trailer) Burt West
Added: 24 Nov 09
Views: 509
From: BurtWest

IDF Elite Commandos
Added: 20 Dec 09
Views: 4486
From: DoubleTapper

Israeli Supermodel Esti Ginzburg Joins the Army
Added: 21 Dec 09
Views: 1020
From: israhero

IDF Elite Duvdevan Unit
Added: 07 Apr 10
Views: 697
From: WeJew

90 Holocaust Survivors With A Story From Hell
Added: 13 Apr 10
Views: 8327
From: WeJew

A Song for Michael - Fallen IDF Soldier
Added: 19 Apr 10
Views: 409
From: WeJew

Hero Girls of Our IDF
Added: 11 May 10
Views: 833
From: WeJew

Meet One of Greatest Heroes In The World
Added: 06 Jun 10
Views: 575
From: WeJew

US Congressman To Obama - Whose Side Are You On?
Added: 11 Jun 10
Views: 7851
From: WeJew

Amazing Archive Footage of Rabbi Meir Kahane
Added: 19 Jul 10
Views: 556
From: WeJew

Friends of the IDF Heroes Video
Added: 09 Aug 10
Views: 738
From: WeJew

Our Man Defending Israel in Arab Media
Added: 26 Aug 10
Views: 572
From: WeJew

The True Choices Of IDF Soldiers
Added: 31 Aug 10
Views: 468
From: WeJew

Official Israeli Navy Video Promo
Added: 02 Aug 11
Views: 245
From: WeJew

IDF Heaven Must Have Needed A Hero
Added: 28 Aug 11
Views: 381
From: WeJew

The Wild Bill Real Mideast Peace Plan
Added: 23 Aug 11
Views: 497
From: WeJew

Dancing for Our Richard Pratt
Added: 04 Dec 09
Views: 304
From: israhero
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