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israel - Recently Featured

IDF ParaTroopers Sing Hatikvah In Muslim Quarter
Added: 14 Jan 12
Views: 785
From: WeJew

Viral Video On Fate Of The Jewish Refugees
Added: 10 Dec 11
Views: 617
From: orangetruth

Animated Debunking of the Palestine Lie
Added: 26 Sep 11
Views: 462
From: WeJew

Arabs Reject Israeli Friendship Request
Added: 15 Sep 11
Views: 970
From: WeJew

Israel Case for West Bank - Why The Land Is Ours
Added: 19 Jul 11
Views: 367
From: WeJew

The Reasoning Behind the Maritime Blockade on Gaza
Added: 08 Jul 11
Views: 171
From: WeJew

Israel Critical Needs For Security HD Demo
Added: 25 May 11
Views: 725
From: WeJew

Israel Critical Needs For Security HD Animation
Added: 20 May 11
Views: 234
From: WeJew

Zionism The Truth A Music Video Documentary
Added: 01 May 11
Views: 200
From: WeJew

Israel Tribute Video Forever and Ever
Added: 26 Apr 11
Views: 283
From: WeJew

Israel an Economic Miracle In Our Times
Added: 07 Apr 11
Views: 260
From: WeJew

Animated True History of the Middle East
Added: 31 Mar 11
Views: 590
From: WeJew

Aerial Footage Of Israel Beauty In Spring
Added: 27 Feb 11
Views: 1294
From: WeJew

the18: Say No On Two State Solution
Added: 22 Feb 11
Views: 107
From: WeJew

Visions of Israel Aerial Video Trailer
Added: 19 Feb 11
Views: 1188
From: WeJew

Aerial Archaeology in Israel in HD
Added: 12 Feb 11
Views: 404
From: WeJew

Amazing HD Aerial Footage of Israel
Added: 23 Jan 11
Views: 1929
From: WeJew

The Living Israel
Added: 22 Dec 10
Views: 247
From: WeJew

Tel Aviv Voted Third Best City In World
Added: 21 Dec 10
Views: 493
From: WeJew

Israel Green Pioneer in Water Technology
Added: 20 Dec 10
Views: 194
From: WeJew

Haifa Flash Mob Biggest In Israel
Added: 07 Dec 10
Views: 704
From: WeJew

Dramatic PhotoShow of Israel Fire Disaster
Added: 06 Dec 10
Views: 465
From: WeJew

Facts about Israel
Added: 27 Nov 10
Views: 259
From: eddy4israel

Israel at World Expo 2010 HD
Added: 19 Nov 10
Views: 354
From: WeJew

Time Lapse Clips of Israel in HD
Added: 18 Nov 10
Views: 297
From: WeJew

Yishai Fleisher's Eye On Zion Winter Tour 2011
Added: 17 Nov 10
Views: 240
From: WeJew
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