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Added: 16th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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One of the great historic ironies and the result of many poor decisions in Israel for decades, is the rise of a Nazi-driven, anti-semitic movement in Israel. Over the last few weeks in October 2007, there have been countless reports of swastikas and murderous graffiti, as well as vandalization...

Tags: immigrant feature antisemitism nazi israel shocking youth violence vandalism desecration swastikia return aliyah terror fear violence irony

Added: 10th October 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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Here is the story of one oleh (Jewish returnee to live in Israel) about why (and how) her family moved to live in the Land of Israel and the book that she finally wrote. By the way, the word "oleh" comes from the root to "go up" - referring to the spiritual elevations of a Jewish soul coming...

Tags: aliyah journal experience biography israel home family people decision

Added: 30th September 2007
Posted By: tourtheholy
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A really wonderfully-made promotional video for the Israeli city-settlement of Kochav Yaakov, north of Jerusalem. Now here is a great place to live, with great people, affordable, and just shekels and minutes by bus to the Kotel. Why not go for it? Check out the people who did...this video is...

Tags: israel kochav yaakov promotional video settlment city village yishuv people aliyah land life family home return

Added: 22nd August 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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This is one of the best-produced Birthright videos which brings you through and into the experience of return and joy and exploration of one's roots and heritage. Anyone who has experienced a Birthright tour can feel the tangible air of electricity that connects young Jewish souls to our ancient...

Tags: birthright tour travel israel home exploration explore experience film documentary aliyah soul neshama

Added: 15th August 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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Really upbeat video entitled "P is for Party" showing how you can come to Israel, have a great time, and leave people smiling with positive energy. The almost universal effect that the Land of Israel has on young Jewish visitors can be felt and seen here.

Tags: israel tour travel aliyah trip bus party music people fun smile desert city old guide ruins dead sea mud

Added: 9th July 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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This way to Jerusalem on "Aliyah - Live the Dream - Israel - Nefesh B'Nefesh" Nefesh B'Nefesh founders: Rabbi Yehoshua Fass & Tony Gelbart. (http://www.nefeshbnefesh.org)

Tags: israel aliyah nefesh jerusalem rabbi

Added: 11th May 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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Animated satirical view of Jewish history - a Birthright spot.

Tags: animation aliyah birthright satire
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