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Added: 22nd August 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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This is one of the best-produced Birthright videos which brings you through and into the experience of return and joy and exploration of one's roots and heritage. Anyone who has experienced a Birthright tour can feel the tangible air of electricity that connects young Jewish souls to our ancient...

Tags: birthright tour travel israel home exploration explore experience film documentary aliyah soul neshama

Added: 10th October 2007
Posted By: aliyah
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Here is the story of one oleh (Jewish returnee to live in Israel) about why (and how) her family moved to live in the Land of Israel and the book that she finally wrote. By the way, the word "oleh" comes from the root to "go up" - referring to the spiritual elevations of a Jewish soul coming...

Tags: aliyah journal experience biography israel home family people decision

Added: 27th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Amazing video every Jew should watch. About Rav Avraham Itshak Hakohen Kook, first chief rabbi of Israel and considered by many as the biggest Jewish Thinker and Israeli Rabbi of the last century.

Tags: rabbi rav avraham isaac hakohen kook first chief rabbi israel zionist aliyah hesder yeshiva jewish tzaddik thinker mercaz harav

Added: 8th December 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
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INR's Yishai Fleisher in Al-Jazeera TV Debate - Part 2 of 2 (IsraelNN.com) Israel National Radio program director and talk show host Yishai Fleisher went head-to-head last week in a televised debate with Rabie Abdulatifah, media and communications director of Al Haq, a Palestinian Authority human...

Tags: yishai fleisher director israel national radio kumah television interview debate eviction hebron chevron talk show host beit hashalom jewish right land eretz yisrael aliyah propaganda

Added: 23rd January 2009
Posted By: isralife
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Would you send your husband or son to the front lines to fight for the Jewish People? Lori Palatnik brings a holy and strong message home with this question. Lori Palatnik is an author and Jewish educator who has appeared on television and radio and has lectured in North America, the U.K., South...

Tags: lori palatnik holy strong message support fight israel husband son front lines truth aliyah teshuva return homeland

Added: 9th February 2009
Posted By: isralife
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Living in the Shomron - a promotional video for living in the holy and gorgeous hills of Shomron (by the Shomron Council).

Tags: shomron samaria west bank hills holy gorgeous council promotional video aliyah

Added: 3rd March 2009
Posted By: aliyah
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INR Director Accompanies New Olim To Israel The Latest Nefesh B'Nefesh flight has arrived from North America, but this time Yishai Fleisher of Israel National Radio came along. Opens with inspiring speech in airport to 100s of new olim by Rabbi Yehoshua Fass - one of the founders of Nefesh...

Tags: nefesh aliyah support organization olim miracle amazing founders rabbi yehoshua fass tony gelbart speech airport excitment miracle return promised land

Added: 19th March 2009
Posted By: aliyah
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Mumbai Murdered Day Before Aliyah - A day before she was due to make aliya to Israel fifty year old Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich from Mexico, who was murdered along with five others in Beit Chabad in Mumbai last week was buried in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning. Infolive.tv attended the funeral...

Tags: mumbai murder slaughter terrorism victim burial norma shvarzblat rabinovich mexico day before aliyah beit chabad tragedy funeral jerusalem eretz yisrael land
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