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Added: 8th October 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
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As another year passes for Gilad Shalit held hostage in a hamas dungeon in Gaza Strip and another year (decade) passes for Yonaton Pollard incarcerated for over 23 years in the United States for his self-sacrifice for the Jewish People. May we hear the cries and demand their release today and may...

Tags: gilad shalit yonaton pollard jonathon hostage captured soldier gaza strip hamas sacrifice intelligence iraq scud missiles life jail prison sentence political cartoon satire

Added: 26th August 2008
Posted By: tourtheholy
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The Promenade Beach at Night, Red Sea, Eilat, Israel. Beautiful sight at the southern tip of modern Israel.

Tags: israel red sea beach water night lights colors eilat resort hotels vacation tour travel image photograph

Added: 17th August 2008
Posted By: holycolor
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Very cool and modern poster of Moses splitting the Red Sea for the Jewish exodus - however this time it is a modern traffic jam with cool updated signs. Note yellow warning sign on right of road and look for other neat changes.

Tags: modern splitting red sea moses moishe exodus yetziat mitzrayim traffic jam image photograph funny cool desktop background

Added: 7th August 2008
Posted By: orangetruth
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This shocking political satire cartoon from Israel National News truly hits the point - in 1948, families started with the temporary homes and later upgraded to houses - but the Gush Katif frontier heroes started in houses and were later forced to live in temporary houses (trailers) after being...

Tags: sad state modern israel caravillas disengagement gerush gush katif gaza strip thriving jewish communities destroyed failure crime shame

Added: 29th July 2008
Posted By: driveisrael
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Sculptor Arele works with materials that can stand up to the weather in Israel.

Tags: outdoor sculpture in Israel,art,Israeli sculptures,environmental art

Added: 29th July 2008
Posted By: driveisrael
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Visit Arele's studio on your trip to Israel.

Tags: art in israel,sculpture,outdoor art

Added: 28th July 2008
Posted By: teachyou
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The Kotel as you see it when you descend the long, stone staircase from the Old City.

Tags: kotel old city jerusalem western wailing wall image photograph panoramic view perspective

Added: 28th July 2008
Posted By: israelhistorian
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A reminder of Jewish victory in the Holy Land - a rare, archive photo of Israeli soldiers celebrating military victory in the Suez War in 1956.

Tags: israeli soldiers idf defense forces archive history image photograph celebration victory suez canal war crisis 1956
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