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Added: 17th August 2008
Posted By: holycolor
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Very cool and modern poster of Moses splitting the Red Sea for the Jewish exodus - however this time it is a modern traffic jam with cool updated signs. Note yellow warning sign on right of road and look for other neat changes.

Tags: modern splitting red sea moses moishe exodus yetziat mitzrayim traffic jam image photograph funny cool desktop background

Added: 26th September 2007
Posted By: jewspoofs
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Well...the truth always hurt...lol

Tags: yom kippur holiday high satire spoof funny cartoon comedy

Added: 16th October 2007
Posted By: holycolor
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This eye-fulfilling rendition shows the Jewish People's exodus from centuries of slavery in Egypt en route to the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, just 50 days later!

Tags: egypt exodus jewish people history torah sinai moses moishe art color drawing painting torah

Added: 12th June 2007
Posted By: golan
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Waterfall in Northern Israel

Tags: golan heights waterfall israel

Added: 7th July 2007
Posted By: photoyid
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Nicely-drawn schematic of the Old City in its current divisions. As one rabbi said: "Only the Jews could have a city with FIVE quarters!" (lol)

Tags: israel jerusalem old city map jewish quarter

Added: 17th September 2007
Posted By: holycolor
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Artistic rendering of a poster portraying the 12 Tribes of the Jewish People.

Tags: art jewish twelve tribes color poster holy beautiful

Added: 1st September 2007
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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This has to be the coolest Matisyahu poster around!

Tags: matisyahu poster photo image music rapper jewish chassidic art color singer famous

Added: 16th October 2007
Posted By: Yarden
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We have finally found a reasonable-quality image of Bob Dylan during his famous tefillin-wearin' appearance at the Kotel. Here is an amazing and totally-Israeli eyewitness: "In the summer of 1983, Dylan visited Israel and was famously photographed wearing tefilin -- leather straps and boxes worn...

Tags: bob dylan famous jewish musician singer kotel wall appearance history jerusalem israel 1983
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