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Added: 2nd April 2009
Posted By: isratunes
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מילים ולחן - שלום חנוך Yehudit Ravitz

Tags: yehudit ravitz lailah night guitar black white archive singer musician ivrit hebrew classic song

Added: 25th December 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 379
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MATISYAHU Dispatch The Troops in High Definition - Live in Eugene, Oregon - 10/2009 - New 4-camera mix!

Tags: matisyahu jewish reggae rapper star songwriter live stage concert eugene oregon macdonald theatre four camera mix dispatch the troops

Added: 20th October 2008
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 390
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MATISYAHU LIVE IN JERUSALEM - Matisyahu Playing A Secret Show At A Bar In Jerusalem - the night before Yom Kippur. (source: jewlicious)

Tags: matisyahu rapper jewish famous musician live stage bar secret show jerusalem eruv night yom kippur

Added: 3rd April 2009
Posted By: RebShai
Views: 246
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Dare to be free!

Tags: dare to dream free peace light self help advice

Added: 11th June 2008
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
Views: 493
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The new Matisyahu video "It Can't Wait" - with a message of freedom for the oppressed people of Burma - an intimate look at Matisyahu with big beard and peyot!

Tags: matisyahu new video song music wait freedom burma oppression beard peyot sidelocks musician famous successful baal teshuva new world beat reggae rapper

Added: 1st October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Matisyahu performs One Day on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Tags: matisyahu jewish rapper reggae singer live stage performance tonight show jay leno one day

Added: 3rd July 2010
Posted By: AsheDinahBatSaul
Views: 384
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The Moslems are LYING.

Tags: jtf Jews against obama flotilla terror trap propaganda

Added: 13th October 2009
Posted By: isratunes
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Yossi Piamenta playing "Va-Yiven Uziahi" at the Laturn concert Sukkos 5770 (2009).

Tags: yossi piamenta laturn concert sukkot succos 5770 2009 jewish icon legend rock musician live stage performance
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