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Added: 8th February 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
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A playful Ladino folksong about two young lovers attracted to one another, but for various reasons (family approval being one of them), they just can't seem to make it work. Performed live at Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv, Israel with Yoel Ben-Simhon and the Yoel Ben-Simhon Trio.

Tags: ladino sephardic singer sarah aroeste folk en el cafe del amanacer folksong

Added: 26th April 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Meshugga Beach Party, the world's premier Jewish surf music band, performs "Shalom Alechem" Learn more at http://www.meshuggabeachparty.com

Tags: meshugga beach party jewish surf music band shalom alechem

Added: 22nd December 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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Amazing power guitar of holy Jewish energy! This is short clip from a concert at the Dead Sea in Israel.

Tags: yood deep electric guitar rock roll amazing power holy energy music niggun song dance

Added: 10th June 2008
Posted By: MusicJew
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JELVIS - or the Jewish Elvis - is a must-watch stage show - no further description needed. Take off your "serious cap" and enjoy!

Tags: jewish elvis presley jelvis stage parody spoof imitation famous singer rock roll show

Added: 16th March 2011
Posted By: RebShai
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Reb Shai sings One of the central Jewish prayers for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents is the Mi Sheberakh מי שברך, whose name is taken from its first two Hebrew words. With a holistic view of humankind, it prays for physical cure as well as spiritual healing,...

Tags: Misheberach healing interfaith prayer lady gaga moshiach temple glee מי שברך Rabbi Shai Specht Carlebach Israel Hashem "live music" spirituality Torah Beis Mikdash The secret Kabbalah

Added: 23rd March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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The talented Neshama Carlebach (daughter of late great rebbe musician Shlomo) performs one her father's deepest songs: "Return Again To Your Soul" - about returning to truth, torah, and the land of Israel.

Tags: neshama carlebach singer musician jewish daughter rebbe shlomo live stage performance return again to your soul vocals background choir

Added: 2nd August 2008
Posted By: israelhillmusic
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Sinai Tor is one of the most amazing Israeli singers and songwriters of our time - yet rarely known outside of Israel - this song peformed at Shemeshfest 2007 includes lyrics from the daily Jewish prayer service each morning - in which we praise Hashem for his being hidden in the world and...

Tags: sinai tor shemeshfest 2007 singer songwriter awesome amazing holy lyrics prayer service shacharit morning praise hidden divinity

Added: 6th October 2009
Posted By: Itzchak
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This is from the opening of our benefit concert at Rav Kook's house in honor of Rav Kook's 74th Yaartzeit and R. David Cohen-Rav HaNazir's- 37 Yaartzeit. Guest of honor was R. Shaar Yashuv Cohen, Chief Rabbi Of Haifa and son of the Nazir. Greg Wall's Later Prophets: Rabbi...

Tags: rav kook haorot
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