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music video - Random

Added: 30th August 2009
Posted By: Kieffer2111
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May 31, 2009

Tags: heshy reality shock israel day parade concert

Added: 26th November 2009
Posted By: xuanka
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Air Force Zahal concert Germany 14 Nov 2009

Tags: zahal tzahal tsahal tsajal

Added: 13th April 2011
Posted By: liora
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Chassic Producer/Rapper Prodezra Beats performs "Faith" at the Haifa Fire Benefit Concert in Madison, WI. Get his new album "Connection Revealed" and all the others below! I-TUNES: http://bit.ly/hW2ZLv CDBABY.COM (HARD COPY): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/prodezrabeats1...

Tags: Prodezra Beats NossonZand kosherhiphop Moshiach ProudToBe jewish music israel chassidic Change hip hop rap DeScribe Y-Love describeylove matisyahu shemspeed

Added: 21st July 2007
Posted By: howjewsdance
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A Jewish video to matisyahu's music featuring "famous" break dancers (www.apple770.com)

Tags: jewish music Rapper Matisyahu breakdance dancing video

Added: 8th February 2010
Posted By: SarahAroeste
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A playful Ladino folksong about two young lovers attracted to one another, but for various reasons (family approval being one of them), they just can't seem to make it work. Performed live at Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv, Israel with Yoel Ben-Simhon and the Yoel Ben-Simhon Trio.

Tags: ladino sephardic singer sarah aroeste folk en el cafe del amanacer folksong

Added: 28th January 2010
Posted By: Mendel
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I'm a 37 y/o father of two who loves his heritage and loves his metal music. Two great tastes that taste great together :-) I perform all the instrumentation and the engineering. It's a headbanging good time! Enjoy!

Tags: adon olam metal punk rock daven music

Added: 2nd April 2009
Posted By: isratunes
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מילים ולחן - שלום חנוך Yehudit Ravitz

Tags: yehudit ravitz lailah night guitar black white archive singer musician ivrit hebrew classic song

Added: 27th January 2009
Posted By: loneligirl
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One of the most touching musical scenes from the epic movie, Fiddler on the Roof. As Tevya blesses his children prior to the Friday night Shabbat meal as has been done for 1000s of years at every Jewish table.

Tags: fiddler roof movie musical scene family blessings shabbat shabbos family mishpacha brachot tradition future prayers classic
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