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Added: 24th May 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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Y-LOVE "THIS IS UNITY" (Official Music Video) Artist: Y-Love Song: This is Unity (off the "See Me" EP) Music: Diwon Director: Lenny Bass Label: Shemspeed * sponsored by Shemspeed & Be'Chol Lashon INFO: "This is Unity" is one of the lead singles off...

Tags: y-love rap music leadel kosher hip hop genre jewish educator rapper this is unity official music video

Added: 11th October 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Matisyahu - "Thunder" Live in Tel Aviv Barby 08/10/2009

Tags: matisyahu thunder live tel aviv barby 2009 israel concert stage jewish reggae rapper

Added: 12th November 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Baal ShemTov's Niggun sung by Shimon Rappaport and Yerachmiel.

Tags: yerachmiel besht baal shem tov niggun performance studio unplugged israel musician guitar lyrics voice vocals

Added: 27th October 2009
Posted By: israelhillmusic
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Acharit HaYamim Plays Tel Aviv - the amazing, new beat street & wedding band live on stage.

Tags: acharit hayamim live stage concert performance tel aviv new beat band israeli

Added: 1st October 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Matisyahu performs One Day on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Tags: matisyahu jewish rapper reggae singer live stage performance tonight show jay leno one day

Added: 3rd June 2008
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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The Jewish phenomenon Matisyahu performing a piece of the song "Indestructible" live on-stage in Hawaii!

Tags: matisyahu indestructible live stage performance rapper beat box hawaii reggae musician concert

Added: 22nd October 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Matisyahu performs "One Day" live and sits down with Billboard for an exclusive interview about his new album. Check out Billboard.com for more!

Tags: matisyahu one day album cd light live performance interview billboard exclusive jewish reggae rapper

Added: 18th July 2009
Posted By: MatisyahuFan
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Matisyahu "Youth" live in Central Park 7/9/09 - SummerStage NYC '09

Tags: matishayu jewish rapper live stage performance youth central park summerstage festival 2009
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