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Added: 16th February 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Oneg Shemesh - Shine Forward Music Video - A brilliant composer, arranger and singer is proud to announce the release of his first music video to his hit song - Shine Forward. To buy Oneg's album, go to onegshemesh.com - Video produced by AchduStudios - achdustudios@gmail.com

Tags: oneg shemesh shine forward music video release composer arranger singer israeli jewish band

Added: 6th December 2010
Posted By: eddy4israel
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This video is my Tribute to Israel I hope everyone that watches it is blessed and that it reminds us all to pray and help Israel anyway we can during this most hard and difficult time... God bless, encourage, strengthen and keep His people Israel . God is with you Israel,...

Tags: Israel Tribute Beautiful Land People IDF Soldiers love support help

Added: 7th November 2007
Posted By: MusicJew
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One of the original great rappers in the Jewish world is Jew da Maccabi - here is a major rap video production from the man!

Tags: jewish rap music video lyrics song niggun jew maccabi maccabee

Added: 14th September 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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DESCRIBE & Y-LOVE - "Make It" Is The Second Single In The Series Of Four Songs That Comprise "The Change EP". Now in HD!

Tags: describe ylove make it single change jewish new beat rappers music video shemspeed

Added: 18th August 2011
Posted By: Ofrachai
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Im Nin'Alu (If The Doors Are Locked) - Ofra Haza..... Im nin'alu daltei nedivim Daltei marom lo nin'alu Im nin'alu Im nin'alu El chai El chai Im nin'alu Im nin'alu El chai You know I love you like no other Like no other in my prayer Chayot...

Tags: Ofra Haza Israel Israeli עפרה חזה

Added: 26th December 2010
Posted By: tehillimsongs
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This psalm, the third composition of the sons of Korach, is s memoir dedicated to their beloved country, Eretz Yisrael. They describe vividly the Divine assistance which allowed Israel to conquer the land, and they lament the Divine displeasure which caused Israel to lose it… The sons of...

Tags: Psalm Tehilim Tehillim prayer tefila song music video

Added: 23rd May 2009
Posted By: holyparty
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The classic Jewish prayer-song: "Racheim" here done like you have never seen it done before - real soul music.

Tags: racheim song jewish classic soul version

Added: 10th March 2011
Posted By: WeJew
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The a capella Yeshiva Maccabeats group, which zoomed to fame with its "Candlelight" song for Chanukah, now unmasks a new performance for Purim. The all-male group is made up of former students of New York City's Yeshiva University and is committed to a philosophy of integrating...

Tags: maccabeats music chanukah purim candlelight viral video cover sensation yeshiva university music video
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