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Added: 23rd March 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Three Mothers ("Shalosh Imahot") - Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis, Country: Israel released 2006, Duration: 106 min. (Language: Hebrew / French / Arabic w/ subtitles) - Inspired by director Dina Zvi-Riklis' real-life mother, a triplet, this magnificent and moving family saga traces the...

Tags: three mothers trailer movie hebrew ivrit love cinema israel shalosh imahot 2006 director dina zvi riklis triplets jewish egyptian king family secrets relationships blessing sisters

Added: 5th March 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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Winner of the audience award at the Jewish Film Festival in Berlin, this astonishingly moving film depicts a group of elderly kibbutz inhabitants who wake up one morning to find that everyone else has abandoned them. It seems their beloved kibbutz is broke, and with it their old-fashioned dreams...

Tags: galilee eskimos trailer movie israeli kibbutz ivrit hebrew english subtitles

Added: 30th July 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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Sneak Peek: Iranium Movie - Featuring John Bolton - Former Ambassador Bolton interviewed about the Iranian nuclear threat for the upcoming movie Iranium. Brought to you by the makers of the critically-acclaimed documentaries "Obsession" and "The Third Jihad." Synoposis: The...

Tags: sneak peek iranium movie former ambassador john bolton iranian nuclear threat obsession third jihad producers

Added: 1st December 2009
Posted By: moviejewie
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Notorious as the movie that gangster John Dillinger attended on the night he was killed, Manhattan Melodrama has weathered the years as one of MGM's finest examples of pure storytelling. The pageant-like story begins in 1904, when the excursion steamer "General Slocum" blows up and...

Tags: manhattan melodrama 1934 original trailer jewish kind businessman harry green archives black white

Added: 11th February 2008
Posted By: Yarden
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This is the trailer to an upcoming documentary entitled: "CUT" - a film to "slice through the myths about circumcision", and deals with the Jewish ritual to circumcise (Bris/Brit Milah) at the age of eight days! Check this out...

Tags: trailer documentary film brit bris milah circumcision eight days jewish commandment ritual baby child myths debate benefits health medical facts

Added: 30th April 2010
Posted By: WeJew
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IN THE SHADOW OF THE ACROPOLIS reveals an unknown two-thousand-year-old culture. The Greek Jews in this documentary represent a branch of Judaism which few have ever heard of — The Romaniotes. Through original testimony by the Ackos Family, this memoir tells the compelling details of how this...

Tags: shadow acropolis movie film trailer jewish culture life greece branch judaism romaniotes testimony holocaust narration history archives lost society

Added: 17th February 2009
Posted By: jewflix
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'Noodle' is an excellent Israeli movie about a young Chinese boy who was left behind in the house of an Israeli woman and her amazing journey to bring him back to his mother. (HEBREW only)

Tags: noodle film movie trailer hebrew ivrit young chinese boy house israeli woman amazing journey find original mother search love devotion powerful drama ivrit hebrew

Added: 12th July 2009
Posted By: shoahstories
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Inglourious Basterds - Theatrical Trailer (HIT HD BUTTON FOR SUPER HIGH-DEFINITION) - In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally...

Tags: inglourious inglorious bastards basterds theatrical movie film trailer nazi germany holocaust jewish militia underground revenge brutality director quentin tarantino actor brad pitt august 2009 viewer discretion
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