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Colbert Spoofs Israeli Mossad Shark Agents
Added: 30 Dec 11
Views: 706
From: WeJew

Matisyahu and The Beard Creature Viral
Added: 14 Dec 11
Views: 1016
From: MatisyahuFan

Video Satire - What Has Israel Ever Done For Peace
Added: 31 Aug 11
Views: 1068
From: WeJew

Passover Moses Spoof
Added: 30 Aug 11
Views: 511
From: FunnyJew

Dennis Miller On Mideast Peace 2003
Added: 06 Aug 11
Views: 478
From: WeJew

Hebrew School Is Out Shock Clip
Added: 03 Aug 11
Views: 254
From: WeJew

Rabbi PI
Added: 19 Jul 11
Views: 620
From: WeJew

Achmed the Dead Terrorist Joins The Marines
Added: 17 Jul 11
Views: 1203
From: WeJew

Jewpon Viral Ad - The Dancing Plumber
Added: 27 Jun 11
Views: 365
From: WeJew

He Is Barack Obama Superhero Spoof
Added: 19 May 11
Views: 761
From: WeJew

Israeli Humor Satire In Hope Kindergarden
Added: 16 May 11
Views: 828
From: WeJew

Surprise Flash Mob for Bottle Recycler Hero
Added: 02 Apr 11
Views: 294
From: WeJew

Hamptons Eiruv
Added: 27 Mar 11
Views: 306
From: gruntig

Israeli Sharks Attack
Added: 20 Mar 11
Views: 491
From: WeJew

Family Guy Spoof Palestinian Alarm Clock
Added: 03 Mar 11
Views: 1459
From: WeJew

Guess Jew?
Added: 01 Mar 11
Views: 461
From: WeJew

An Israeli in New York City
Added: 09 Feb 11
Views: 791
From: israelmatzav

SNL Bar Mitzvah Comedy Spoof
Added: 20 Jan 11
Views: 1413
From: WeJew

Joel Chasnoff On Jewish Day School Basketball
Added: 07 Jan 11
Views: 302
From: WeJew

Bart Simpson Faces Israeli Martial Arts Krav Maga
Added: 04 Jan 11
Views: 765
From: WeJew

Joel Chasnoff On Bar Mitzvahs and Food
Added: 03 Jan 11
Views: 385
From: WeJew

The Simpsons Flight Lands In Israel
Added: 01 Jan 11
Views: 1044
From: WeJew

Added: 27 Dec 10
Views: 197
From: jayg

Joel Chasnoff on Judaism Jews and Air Travel
Added: 25 Dec 10
Views: 434
From: WeJew
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