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12Tribe Films Foundation - Connecting with the Jewish People and the Land of Israel through Entertaining and Inspiring Jewish Value Based Cultural Programs. Do you know of inspiring uses of media and culture that will help people connect to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael? Then we want to hear about it. Send your posts to avi@12tribefilms.org or via Twitter @avirach. Media posts will be graciously accepted.
Tags: 12 tribe films avi abelow movies plays movie play israel jews jewish yesha gaza gush katif
Created: 25th February 2009
Status: Public

Members: 1 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
A series of podcasts with a focus on Judaism, Torah, Emunah (Faith), Chassidus, and living an emunah lifestyle.
Tags: torah judaism breslev breslov chassidus chassidut rabbi podcast israel faith emunah bible prophecy
Created: 24th June 2008
Status: Private_owner_approval

Members: 2 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0
it is about saving the world...
Tags: israel shlomo wollins
Created: 7th May 2007
Status: Public

Members: 5 | Media: 9 | Discussions: 1
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