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WeJew.com will celebrate its 9th birthday on May 7th, 2016. Over the last nine years, WeJew.com has emerged as the leader in Jewish video sharing by focusing on the best content, intense levels of moderation of new uploads and members, and with leading-edge website technology and design.

As a result, our server costs have grown dramatically along with our website as we host over 9,000 live videos as well as full-length feature movies. WeJew is not in commercial mode at this time - we will need to rely on user donations in 2016 - pls click below to be a partner in the growth of our unique website.

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Please hit the "CLICK TO DONATE" banner below to make a one-time support payment to WeJew.com. After clicking the banner, you will open a payment window, to quickly & easily support WeJew online using your major credit card or paypal account.

If you experience any difficulties and/or would prefer to donate offline or have an interest in either investment in WeJew.com or partnering opportunities, please send an email to:

Shlomo Wollins at: shlomo@wejew.com

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