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KabbalaToons: Path of Most Resistance

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KabbalaToons: Path of Most Resistance

In this amazing series of flash lessons from Jewish mysticism, here is #2 in the series: "The Path of Most Resistance". Some airplanes fly because they are pushing air downward. But most of them fly because they are pushing air upward. Don’t believe me? Look here. This is beautiful. It fits so well: Like an airplane, we are placed inside a fluid environment. For airplanes, that’s air. For us, that's reality. Air is fluid because you can move your hand inside it. Reality is fluid, because it’s up to us which direction it goes in. So when we move with enough force and the right design so that we move our fluid environment upward, we move upward as well. Sure, there’s going to be a lot of drag, inertia and friction - and take-off isn’t so easy either. But all that is just evidence that you’re getting somewhere. Basically that means: Take life head-on. Instead of avoiding all the stress, wear and tear of life, use it to your advantage. Let it all just carry you higher. I’m trying to think of some examples. But maybe you have one yourself?

source: Chabad.org

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