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Dear Mr. Waldman Trailer in English

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Dear Mr. Waldman (English Trailer) Israel (2006) In the early sixties, Hilik, a ten year old boy who lives in Tel Aviv, knows him and his brothers goal in life to make his parents happy and compensate for the grief and loss they had to suffer in the holocaust. Moishe, Hiliks father, chooses to believe that his lost son, from his first marriage, didnt die in Auschwitz as he thought, and somehow escaped to America to become President Kennedys assistant. As he has never really accepted the fact that he is the only survivor from his family, Moishe is sinking back to his past. Torn between his fear that his father would abandon him, and the wish to make him happy, Hilik chooses to test his fathers love to him, while accepting the risk of losing him.

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