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Israeli GeoMine Tech Clears Deadly Mine Fields Across Globe

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Airborne sensors developed in Israel are helping to detect land mines in Angola, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world.

While the civil war in the east African nation ended in 1994, the loss of life and limbs continue till this day because of the estimated millions of land mines left behind. Detecting them has been cumbersome and labor intensive. But now, an Israeli company has introduced a special camera that picks them out without having to touch the ground.

"What I do is perform a chemical analysis of a spectrum," said Avi Buzaglo Yoresh, director general of Geomine, the Israeli company which developed the system.

According to Yoresh, the camera is mounted on an aircraft. Flying over a suspected minefield, the camera detects both personal and anti-tank mines by determining their signature using nitrogen oxides generated within biological organisms which makes the mines stand out from the soil.

The method allows for a large area to be surveyed quickly and accurately, Yoresh told The Media Line.

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