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One The Story of Aleph - 101love

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Joined: 4th March 2011
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The story of Aleph (א).

A revolutionary film now in development featuring the artist '101love'.

Has the Bible been lost in translation?

A positive and inspiring interpretation of the Torah.

'One' is a feature documentary and visualization of the Bible as never seen before, examining the original texts as a mathematical code, and employing the secret Kabbalistic knowledge of the Torah to bring together science and religion for the first time to present its true message of love and unity for all of mankind.

A live cinematic, 360 planetarium, world wide web experience.

All visuals and artwork Copyright © 2011 101love

Visit www.101loves.com

Runtime: 00:04:20
Size: 19.71MB
Added: 6th March 2011
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Category: documentaries
Tags: religion science 101love new film trailer

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