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Murder of the Fogel family in Itamar -names and faces of the victims

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Im sorry this will make you cry.

[ff to 01:07 minute to skip the info if you already know what happened].

When you finish viewing this, make a note to yourself - These are the arab ways, and these arabs are whom Israelis suppose to live in peace with. Next time you vote Kadima, Obama, next time you allow for a mosque to be built in your community, next time you feel sorry for palestinians, just dig up that note.

Please forward / post.

Not looking for a political discussion or arguments spare me if you dont agree, just go look somewhere else. Yisrael Yinkemu Damam b"H.

These photos were released by the family. They have given full permission for their use and they to ask you to report on the horrific reality of murdering children and babies in their sleep, simply because they are Jewish
*quotation from Shai Canaan FB page*

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