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Itamar A Family Community Mourning: A Profile

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Itamar a farming community in Shomron

Itamar is an farming community known for its organic produce and Jewish work ethic. The community of Itamar is located on a mountain reaching a height of over 800 meters, in the heartland of the Shomron on the way to the Jordan Valley, overlooking hilly Shomron panorama and agricultural fields. The yishuv was established in 1984 by a group of families from Machon Meir Yeshiva wishing to fulfill in deed that which they had learned about the redemption of the People of Israel. The name Itamar is biblical -- the son of Aharon the High Priest. According to tradition his tomb is located in the nearby village of Awarta. The community is unique in that it is covers thousands of dunams of land on the Gideonite Range with six living sites spread out along the way, each having its own singular character and style.

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