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HaYehudim Unplugged Israel Legends - Tipa HaYam Live

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Tipa BaYam - A Drop in the Sea. The acoustic concert performed by Hayehudim (The Jews) in Hechal Hatarbut (Hall Of Colture) in Tel Aviv. This is the second song played. In this concert all of the songs were upgraded to a new level of emotion and quality. Background: HaYehudim ("The Jews") was founded in 1995 by the vocalists Tom Petrover and Orit "TT" Shachaf. So far they have released four studio albums, a double live album & DVD, and a unique "unplugged" live performance recorded at the world famous Philharmonic concert hall of Tel Aviv. The band has sold one Platinum and four Gold records. Hayehudim is considered the best and most successful Rock band in Israel, some might say a cultural phenomenon. Achieving fame thanks to a wide base of fervent fans who follow them everywhere, the band is best known for their intense and energetic live shows. They have toured all over Israel performing at concert halls and stadium arenas. They represent a whole generation of youth in Israel. The band was awarded the title "Band of the Year" for 1999 by Galei Zahal, the number one radio station in the country. In July of 1999 Hayehudim opened the Metallica concert in Israel, and in the year 2000 the band opened the Rage Against the Machine concert in Israel as well. The band combines both Hebrew and English lyrics in their repertoire. Their songs range from soft deep ballads to energetic Hard Rock Fury. Through nonstop touring and constantly maintaining their artistic integrity, Hayehudim have managed to build their foundation and reputation, and become one of the biggest and most respected musical entities in Israel today.

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