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Israeli MK Hotolevy Heads Off Arab MK Zouabi Over Flotillas

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Video: MK Hotovely vs. Arab MK Zouabi in Head-On Collision

Nationalist MK Tzipi Hotovely has had enough of flotilla-sailing MK Zouabi, lays into her on video. Zouabi displays her contempt for Israel.

Nationalist MK Tzipi Hotovely and MK Hanan Zouabi laced into each other in a filmed debate. Hotovely listed what she termed Zouabi's traitorous behavior. Zouabi could not hide, and actually didn't even try to hide, the contempt and hatred she has for the democratic country in whose parliament she is allowed to serve despite her disloyalty to it. The moderator seems to have taken a side as well.

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