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In our Fathers Footsteps - History Rebirth of Jewish Life in Hebron

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"In our Fathers Footsteps - The History & Rebirth of Jewish Life in Hebron", is a full length documentary film currently in production by Mordechai Weisman.

This is a short trailer created from some of the first interviews we filmed.

The first speaker is Sarah Nachshon, who along with here husband Baruch, and (then) 4 children were one of the first families to move into Hebron after it was liberated in 1967. Today she lives just outside of the old city of Hebron in a community called Kiryat Arba. She is an amazing lady, with an incredible love for Israel and the Jewish people, and in my opinion an incredible role model for type of people we need to realize our true potential.

The second speaker is Ezra Yakhin, who lives in Jerusaelem, and was one of original members of the Lekhi, also know as "The Stern Gang", who fought against the Arabs and the British in the years leading up to the establishment the State of Israel in 1948. Ezra and his family nearly fell victims to the Pogroms of 1929 in which 133 Jews were killed in cities throughout Israel, including Hebron, Jafa, Tzfat, and Jerusalem.

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