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Journey to the Real You

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Music Video showing the kabalistic journey into who we are, what we are and what our individual mission is in life. Well, it doesn't go that far but it is a good invitation to take time out to travel inwards.

Kabalistic journey to the other side of your mind
Discover the unique design

See the wonders of your body and your soul
The science you were never told

The secrets of creation
An inner revelation
You are the destination
Journey to the real you

I'm going traveling across the world inside of me
Climb some mountains, gonna try to take in the scenery.
Find out what I'm missing out on
ways of life Iv'e never seen
I'm going traveling, traveling
Journey to the real you

See the galleries of personality and individuality
See the showing of a rare and precious jewel
on display inside of you

Music, Lyrics and vocal by Dovid (David Green)
Music Production by Lenny Ben Beshat

Video by David Green

Runtime: 00:04:04
Size: 29.19MB
Added: 29th August 2011
Views: 417

Category: music video
Tags: ourney to the real you kabala kabbala kabballa spirituality individuality sincere traveling music david green rabbi green aish neve ohr sameach ramat beit shemesh jewish torah meditation prayer soul hebrew yoga science israel kotel temple judaism orthodox conservative reform love unity

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